Who Benefits From Office Practicum?

If you are a pediatrician or work in a pediatric practice, Office Practicum is for you. Developed by pediatricians for pediatricians, Office Practicum works the way you work. Exclusively focused on pediatrics, we are able to provide you solutions that streamline your common pediatric workflows, reduce your administrative burden, and better manage all aspects of your practice.

How will you and your patients benefit? Click on any feature below to learn more.

Just for Pediatricians, Customizable for You

Office Practicum is adaptable to any practice and can be customized for individual pediatricians. Our customers include a wide variety of pediatric practices across the United States, including large multiple-provider practices, large support-staff practices, solo pediatricians, and husband-and-wife teams starting their own practice without support staff.

Whatever the size or composition of your practice, Office Practicum can meet your unique needs.

Our pediatrician advisors continually develop solutions to meet the evolving demands of pediatric practices. And each feature is rigorously tested by pediatricians in real-life settings at our Pediatric Practice Lab. In addition, our pediatrician customers have provided suggestions that have been incorporated into Office Practicum to help make it the leading pediatric solution that it is today.

Patients, too

The Office Practicum Pediatric EHR can also yield benefits for your patients, as it simplifies documentation of visits and provides instant access to all relevant patient information. As a result, you can spend more meaningful time with patients, while providing valuable AAP resources either directly during the visit or online through the Peds Patient Station.

Discover How You Can Benefit

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