Attending a User Conference: What’s the Value?

Attending a User Conference: What’s the Value?

Many of us have the same time conundrum: so much to do, so little time. I’ve been trying to clone myself in order to get more things accomplished, but so far I have been unsuccessful trying to balance work life, family life, outside interests, and downtime. With the OP User Conference less than two months away, you may be asking yourself, “why attend a user conference”? For most attendees, it’s well worth the time and expense, as it offers a mixture of education, networking, inspiration and fun!

Let’s start with the educational component of the conference. We live in world where information is everywhere. Medicine and technology are changing at lightning speed. Continuing Medical Education isn’t just about state licensure or Maintenance of Certification, it’s what we need to survive as physicians in the 21st century. We must incorporate continuous learning into our DNA if we expect to thrive. Having protected time away from on-call obligations and daily distractions puts us in a mood where we are most able to open our minds to new ideas. Attendees oftentimes learn as much from each other as they do from the presenters!

Networking opportunities are at the core of the conference. Meeting like-minded people from varied geographies and practices stimulates great conversations and fosters ongoing relationships. Connecting faces to names often establishes a familiarity and trust which can be called upon when facing challenges or help is needed throughout the year. It’s great for staff and clients to meet each other and for colleagues to meet each other. Being connected to a community can make our collective journey much less daunting.

Every year during and after the user conference, there is a palpable energy. Hearing creative ideas, understanding what is possible, and listening to practices share their stories is incredibly inspirational. Many of us come away with lists of ideas we want to incorporate when we get home. That inspiration drives us towards a more robust use of the software, higher efficiencies, and better care for our patients.

Taking time away from your busy life to learn new things may feel like more work if you aren’t having fun! Having the opportunity to relax and mingle in a low-stress environment is always worth the investment. Many of us are over-achievers and have a hard time letting go enough to just enjoy the moment. Laughter really can be the best medicine, and we should heed our own advice!

I hope you will join us at our OP User Conference in Atlantic City. Stare at the ocean, take a walk on the boardwalk, learn something new, and share something with a colleague. It’s worth the investment. See you at the beach!!!