How One Practice Increased Revenue by $250,000 with EHR Workflow Efficiency

Have you ever wondered about the impact that having the right EHR for your practice might mean? The results are often surprising and go well beyond expectations. It means decreasing your documentation time and freeing up more valuable time to see and treat patients, but it doesn’t stop there. 

The right EHR also gives you control of your day and how your practice is run by complementing the workflows and processes already in place and building value from there. In essence, it streamlines many of these processes. And, as one pediatric practice outside of Atlanta has already seen, it can even boost your revenue by revealing areas of improvement that lead to financial gain and improved patient care.

Recognizing Inefficient Processes

When Alisa Vaughn arrived at Dawson Pediatrics, she was greeted by a vibrant, happy practice with a dedicated team passionate about helping the underserved children they care for. However, inefficiencies with the processes and workflows led to the discovery that many of their young patients were overdue for wellness checks. This simply would not do, not for their patients, not for the insurance agencies, and certainly not for the practice. A change was needed. 

“We had a lot of patients who needed well checks and we’re measured on that,” said Alisa Vaughn, CMPE and practice manager. Vaughn needed a way to determine which patients to contact for well checks and that was where having the right EHR made a notable difference for her practice.

Finding a Seamless Solution

There are many things to consider when looking for a solution for your practice such as cost vs. value. Does it have all the necessary reports and tools you and your team need to be successful? This is a valid question for any new software, but it is especially important when considering a new EHR. 

Make one wrong choice and you might find your practice administration swamped, but the right EHR is comparable to having a guide that eases the transition to efficiency and a more effective medical practice. That’s what happened when Dawson Pediatrics found their new EHR and gave it a whirl. The solution was simple and user friendly. It offered more value over software that focuses more on bells and whistles than delivering information quickly in a meaningful way. Dawson’s new EHR offered a solution that resulted in their successful outcome.

Achieving Success

When you’re running a busy pediatric practice, it’s comforting to know that new EHR is unlike many other business systems. It was designed specifically for a pediatric practice with pediatric-specific templates and workflows which places patient-centered care at the forefront of office administration. 

Dawson Pediatrics saw the potential in this and took a chance to implement it. Since they are a level three pediatric home just north of Atlanta, finding a quick, easy solution to streamline its processes and maximize efficiency was a necessity that allowed the practice to better serve its patients. However, this same efficiency also gave the practice an unexpected revenue boost as well.

Even one, small change can produce big results. The right EHR system sheds new light on your processes and reveals areas where small changes can mean big results. That’s what happened with Dawson Pediatrics. “Once we became more efficient,” Vaughn stated, “we were able to identify that we could actually see 2,600 more patients a year. So, we’re anticipating over $250,000 a year more in revenue” as a result of using the new EHR.

If your processes and workflows need a little ‘oomph,’ then maybe it’s time to review the systems currently in place and ask yourself how well are they really working for you and your team? Sometimes the solution is a matter of adopting a new, more effective EHR that’s designed specifically with your practice in mind. 

To learn more about the recall reports that made it easy for Dawson Pediatrics to improve practice workflow efficiency to decrease gaps in patient care and increase overall annual revenue, click here.

Brett Cleary

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