How to Celebrate National Pediatric Nurses Week in Your Practice

This week is National Pediatric Nurses Week! We wanted to take some time to say a huge “thank you!” to all the nurses that work so diligently serving patients in all our pediatric practices. From taking temperatures to administering vaccines and even talking parents through tough decisions, there’s so much that these health professionals do for their patients on a daily basis.

Pediatric Nurses Week began as an awareness-raising initiative that was established by the Society of Pediatric Nurses 31 years ago. Since then, the first week of every October is dedicated to celebrating pediatric nurses and raising awareness of their accomplishments and service.

Here are some ideas for ways that you can show your appreciation to the nurses in your practice this week.

Raise Awareness of the Week

Many patients and their families would love the opportunity to give thanks to their favorite nurse in your practice during Pediatric Nurses Week. By including it in your newsletters and social media posts, or just by telling patients in person, you can ensure they are all aware of this important week.

Bring in Snacks

Everyone loves when co-workers bring in treats to share! This Pediatric Nurses Week, take the opportunity to bring in celebratory snacks to show your nursing colleagues how much you value them and their work.

Give a Gift

Even something as simple as bringing your pediatric nurses coffee or sending them home with a gift card to their favorite restaurant helps to show how much you appreciate their effort and dedication.

Put Up a Banner

Putting up a banner or signs celebrating Pediatric Nurses Week helps to show your appreciation of your nurses, and let your patients know what’s going on so they can celebrate too!

Whether you buy gifts or simply raise awareness of the week, any way that you acknowledge Pediatric Nurses Week helps to show your nurses how much you value them and the expertise they bring to your practice.

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