How to encourage patient portal use

How to encourage patient portal use

As you shift your medical practice toward more advanced technology, the ultimate goal is total integration of electronic health records. This does not just mean getting all your workers on board, however. It also means making sure your patients are adapting to the upgrades by regularly using their patient portals, the interactive feature of EHRs that allows people to access their health information online. Although it can be difficult to engage patients in this new workflow, there are a few things you can do to boost their participation.

Raise awareness  
If you are finding it challenging to get your patients to become active EHR participants, it could be because they simply have never heard the term "patient portal." Medical Practice Insider suggested making it a priority to educate your organization's community on what this feature is and how they can use it to benefit their medical care experiences. The source suggested having patients log in and enter their demographical and insurance information when they register or check-out from an appointment, rather than simply giving them instructions for at-home use. 

Once you've shown each patient the system in your office, they'll feel more comfortable logging on at home. Give them sheets or pamphlets that thoroughly outline how to access their portals and what they can do and see whenever they decided to login. Additionally, the source suggested putting up posters all around your office with the same instructions. As people wait to be seen, they'll inevitably digest some important EHR-related information. 

Explain the benefits 
People are only going to use the patient portal if they are fully aware of all the great, innovative features it affords them. Once you have gotten people to login and add information to their electronic files, list a few of the most convenient features they can take advantage of through the patient portal, suggested Patient Now.

For example, show them how they can easily schedule appointments online with just the click of a button, or teach them how to use the system to refill prescriptions. Other great features to highlight include accessing test results electronically and being able to message physicians directly with any important questions. Be sure to clearly outline how each of these positive aspects of the system could benefit them personally by using individualized examples.