Leading EHR Vendor OP Achieves Record New Sales Growth in 2016

Leading EHR Vendor OP Achieves Record New Sales Growth in 2016

Leading EHR Vendor OP Achieves Record New Sales Growth in 2016

PHILADELPHIA – Dec. 21, 2016 — OP (Office Practicum), the leading innovator in pediatric-specific practice solutions, has announced record bookings growth in 2016, making it one of the fastest growing electronic health record (EHR) companies in the nation and the market leader among pediatric-specific EHR. As one of the only EHRs built for pediatricians, OP’s 2016 financial performance proves it’s filling a gap in the pediatric Health IT market.

“While most of the big box brands in the EHR market struggled to maintain their customer base in 2016, OP’s record growth proves that pediatricians are looking for – and will switch to – solutions with a specialty-targeted mix of features, workflow and usability,” said Gregory H. Anderson, CEO of OP. “We expect this momentum to accelerate in 2017 as interoperability standards come to the forefront of HIT decisions and unshackle healthcare providers who have been locked into products that are not meeting their needs.”

In 2016, OP’s sales growth can be attributed to the market’s acceptance of pediatric-specific solutions to achieve real improvements in revenue and profitability, as demonstrated by OP’s community of users. Today, the company enjoys a 97 percent client retention rate among pediatric providers in 48 states and the Caribbean who rely on OP to help them navigate ever-changing regulatory challenges, operate more efficiently, increase profitability, and put their focus back on patients.

Filling a Market Need: Purpose-built for Pediatricians
According to The American Academy of Pediatrics’ most recent child health policy agenda, only eight percent of office-based EHRs contain full pediatric functionality. Further, pediatrician participation in the Meaningful Use program has fallen behind that of other providers, despite being early adopters of HIT, demonstrating their frustrations with generic EHRs.

“When my practice set out to select an EHR, the most important attribute that we looked for was a pediatric-specific product,” said Dr. George Rogu, owner of RBK Pediatrics, a 17 provider, 4 location practice in New York, and one of the newest members of the OP community. “Every vendor out there will tell you they do pediatrics, but only a pediatric-specific vendor does it well. That’s why we chose OP.”

For more information on how OP connects physicians and patients to an engaged community of the best pediatric resources, people and technology, schedule a demo today and follow us on Twitter @OfficePracticum.

About OP
OP (Office Practicum) is a top ranked provider of electronic health record and practice management software for use in clinical settings. Since 1992, the innovative Office Practicum solution has been delivered to over three thousand pediatricians across 48 states and the Caribbean, ranging from solo providers to enterprise groups. The privately held company maintains primary offices in suburban Philadelphia, Cleveland and central California. For more information visit https://www.officepracticum.com.

Source: PRWeb