Letter from the 2010 AAP NCE

Letter from the 2010 AAP NCE

What an exciting weekend it’s been! This year’s AAP National Conference & Exhibition in San Francisco was a smashing success and we couldn’t be more thrilled. We kicked off the conference on Saturday, with Dr. Susan Kressly showcasing our 2011 iPad-adapted version at the AAP Pediatric Documentation Challenge. As one doctor told us at our booth later on, “Dr. Kressly knocked the demonstration out of the park!”. Our exhibit visitors gushed with enthusiasm for OP, frequently telling us how much better we performed in the Challenge than any of our competitors!

After the Challenge, the OP exhibit was packed and never lacked for pediatricians requesting a demo or wanting to test-drive OP on the iPad themselves. We received rave reviews about using the device itself, as it combines all the features of a tablet PC and iPhone, but feels about as lightweight as a paper chart. Our pediatrician visitors commented that the new iPad-friendly release of Office Practicum (scheduled for Winter 2010-11) was incredibly easy to navigate on the iPad screen. “People who had never seen the system were writing short encounter notes with almost no guidance,” Connexin CIO Greg Anderson recounted, “And existing users were tremendously excited about upgrading.”

In addition to updated technology and features, we also unveiled our new, pediatrician-friendly pricing structure, another approach in our overarching effort to meet the needs of today’s pediatric practice. We know firsthand how the fluctuating schedules and budgets of pediatricians can present a challenge, and so we take a practical approach to pricing that does not discourage or discriminate against EMR adoption for the “part-time” or “very part-time” pediatric provider. We also understand the challenges inherent in starting a new practice, and as such, have pricing programs designed to address their unique financing needs.

San Francisco also proved to be the perfect place to announce the opening of our new west coast operations office in Atascadero, CA, centrally located along the coast between San Francisco and Los Angeles. The cheers from the CA and western region AAP members were audible!

For those who weren’t able to make it to the conference, we have posted photos to our Facebook page so you can check out our exhibit, and we have a pre-recorded demo of our Documentation Challenge presentation available for your viewing as well. We look forward to rounding out the year with the new iPad-friendly release and a continued focus on the future success of our existing and new clients. Be sure to drop us a line with your feedback if you attended our exhibit at this year’s AAP NCE event! We’d love to hear from you!

Best Regards,

Cheryl Van Allen
Sales Director, Connexin Software