Loving What You Do While Improving Operations

Have you been feeling burnt out, frustrated, even angry that what you do daily is suddenly feeling like more of a burden than a joy? If you find yourself in a rut, here’s how you keep the passion ignited for what you do, while improving your day-to-day operations. 

Why is “Loving What You Do” Important?

When you are able to find the “things” that you love to do, you’ll find that doing what you are passionate about will energize you. It’s like a love affair, when you’re first dating, and it’s the beginning. You see all the positives and the energy and excitement. Things are new. That energy propels you forward.  

Your Choice: A Spark for More Fuel or Burnout?

With COVID, the worst of the worst came out. There was more stress than we’ve had to deal with in years. We forgot what motivated us. We maybe even forgot our passions. We tend to forget that we have the opportunity to choose. We can choose our attitude and how we respond to others. It’s about getting out of that dark hole and reminding ourselves what propels us forward.

Inside, we have a battery pack. When we do something we enjoy, it’s like a spark that we can selectively choose to release. That fuel then charges us to do the other things we don’t enjoy so we can “unstick” and complete other tasks. Psychologists explain that with “rare” rewards, dopamine is amplified and released in the midbrain’s dopaminergic region. Hence, we’re more motivated. However, if we’re stuck in the same routine all the time, rewards become too common and predictable. So it’s a choice. We can burn out in something. And, our view is through a negative filter. Simple things can change that. 

Commit to Helping Others

A child in New Jersey announced in her virtual school class that she’s starving to death and her mom has been out of work for months. Hearing this story not only broke my heart, but it also reminded me that an example like this is an area where we have the opportunity to help others. 

Doing things that we’re passionate about, is a new road that changes our perspective. It helps get us back on track and reminds us why we started doing what we do in the first place. Are there areas that you can help children or parents beyond your practice? Helping others will re-route your thinking and change your perspective. It will change your thinking.  

How Can I Change My Stance If I Don’t Love What I’m Doing?

Happiness is not an experience, it’s a choice. We can choose it and then magnify it. It’s like the saying, “It’s not if I’m going to be disappointed – but when.” Hence, we have to make internal adjustments. 

Move Your Mountain One Pebble At a Time

If you’re not happy where you are, you have to make changes. But “instant” and “overnight” aren’t always realistic answers. Take magazines, for example. They often give readers a false sense of instant success. Lasting change in each person starts with a first step. Look at it like a mountain. It’s only a collection of pebbles that we create – and can move one pebble at a time. When I was about to climb Mt Kilimanjaro, I read somewhere that the hardest part of climbing the mountain was “the mountain in our head”. That carried with me. Often the biggest barriers to a new attitude or perspective is the mountain that we create in our heads.   

Find one project and propose it. Do that one thing you enjoy. It will give you the hope to drive you to the next step. As you start that avalanche, it’s a feeling that leads you into the right direction. Hence, positivity magnifies when you’re in a positive place. Change that one practice and you will start to see the difference. I did this in my own life.

Last Year was INTENSE but it’s Time to Smell the Roses Again

I’m a positive person. I write positive blogs and have even hosted talk shows on subjects of positivity. But things can still get intense. I stopped smelling the roses and started focusing on the negative. I needed a change. 

One day, I wrote 10 letters to the senior leadership team and sent them a gift to show my appreciation for them. It was a small thing that helped me to begin to change my perspective. I wanted them to know that in 2021, I was going to stop and smell the roses more. That one small thing began to change my perspective. Physical actions can begin to change your mindset.  They can be the spark to a new mindset. 

So I empower YOU to think of how you can keep the passion ignited for what you love to do.

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