Monitoring Patients with ADHD via Telehealth

Telehealth will continue to expand as more and more clinicians embrace its advantages and more patients come to expect their pediatric practice to offer it. This is just one of the many compelling findings that came from an independent study commissioned by Anytime Pediatrics.

If you are interested in learning new and innovative ways to leverage your practice’s website and social media channels, to share your telemedicine offerings, you’ll want to register for the upcoming webinar: Patient Engagement for Telehealth.

Hosted by Anytime Pediatrics, this webinar will include the following topics:

  • How and where to incorporate telemedicine
  • Leverage your website and social media
  • Get creative with social interactions
  • How to promote telemedicine in the office
  • Empower your entire team with knowledge

Hear insights from the following marketing experts and pediatric practices:

  • Emily Chantry – Just 4 Kids Urgent Care
  • Kevin Pelchat, MBA, MHA – Peachtree Park Pediatrics
  • Caroline Morgan, MD – Pirate Pediatrics

Click here to register for the webinar.

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