New themes emerge in health information technology use

New themes emerge in health information technology use

According to a report by the American Journal of Managed Care, a few new themes have emerged this year in the world of health information technology. 

Some domains increasing HIT rapidly while others lag behind
The report indicated that some areas of this new technology were taking off, while others struggled to gain popularity among medical professionals. One of the most popular innovations with recent programs is the ability to prescribe controlled substances electronically. This was recently legalized by the Food and Drug Administration and has become a convenient and secure way to make sure patients receive expensive or addictive drugs meant to treat their condition.

Conversely, technological innovations are lagging when it comes to certain organizations adopting electronic health records, noted the report. Certain medical staff, like those at nursing homes or certified nurse midwives, are taking to the new programs rather slowly. 

Evidence that HIT can benefit both care and cost 
The report noted that it is becoming clear that HIT provides many benefits in both the quality of care received by the patient, as well as how much this top-notch service costs medical institutions. Research cited in the report noted that among U.S. hospitals actively using HIT, there was a reduced risk of adverse patient safety results. A study in a recent issue of the AMJMC revealed that EHRs have greatly helped with cardiac care. 

EHRs were shown to reduce medical costs in the long-term – though their implementation may seem expensive to organizations now, there are many benefits down the road.