November To-Do List: Preparing for Coding Changes

How prepared do you and your practice feel about handling the (fast approaching) E&M coding & documentation changes? This November to-do list should help instill more confidence.

November 2020

  1. Review the following resources with all your providers. Make sure they have a firm understanding of the changes.
    • Heads Up: Coding Changes Coming January 2021 (On-Demand Webinar) – We recommend that you get acclimated to what the 2021 Office Visit E&M Coding & Documentation changes entail. In a presentation given by Dr. Sue Kressly, you’ll learn about the major changes and their potential impact on practice workflow.
    • 2021 CPT Coding Changes: The Importance of Preparing Now (On-Demand Webinar) – Watch as Dr. Sue Kressly discusses the importance of preparing now for the 2021 Office Visit E&M Coding & Documentation changes.
    • Medical Decision Making Made Easy(er) (Podcast) – On this podcast, Dr. Sue Kressly, MD, FAAP breaks down how Medical Decision Making (MDM) can help with the upcoming 2021 Office Visit E&M Coding changes.
    • 2021 Coding Changes: Practice Checklist  – Use this checklist, compiled by Dr. Sue Kressly, to prepare for the changes to coding/documentation that will take effect on January 1, 2021. The checklist provides a monthly breakdown of tasks to complete to make sure your practice is prepared for these major changes.
  2. Consider adding language about medication management to your templates – where medications are commonly prescribed. Why, you ask? Because medication management increases MDM in the “risk” category.
    • Sample wording: “Prescription drug management will include making care decisions based on response to medication and/or reported side effects.”
  3. If you use templates for sick visits, consider how you could assist providers in understanding which diagnoses fall into different problem statuses as defined by the AMA (such as self-limited/minor, acute, uncomplicated, chronic stable, etc.). Agree as a practice how you will document total time spent consistently.
  4. Agree as a practice how you will document use of an independent historian.
  5. Review your E/M coding distribution per provider now, and keep this recorded somewhere so you will have a way to track, starting in January.
  6. Register for our live, interactive event, 2021 Office Visit E/M Coding Changes: Case Scenarios to Test Pediatric Practices Preparedness, being held on December 8. This is a great opportunity for you and your staff to practice coding without risking actual revenue.

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