Office Practicum’s Involvement with Community Care of North Carolina’s CHIPRA Project Yields Outstanding Results for Pediatric Practices

Office Practicum’s Involvement with Community Care of North Carolina’s CHIPRA Project Yields Outstanding Results for Pediatric Practices

Office Practicum is pleased to announce our ongoing involvement in our partnership with the Community Care of North Carolina (CCNC) CHIPRA project in Category-D. The goal of this project is to reduce healthcare costs, while improving the medical care of children whose providers use a certified EHR product. CCNC received a five-year award from the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) to demonstrate the impact of a Model Child EHR Format, developed by the Agency for Health Care Research and Quality (AHRQ), on care quality and cost. This category of the larger CHIPRA grant was only awarded to the states of North Carolina and Pennsylvania.

The North Carolina program aims to use its Community Care infrastructure to engage EHR vendors and practices in providing real-world feedback on how the Model Format aligns with best-practices in pediatric healthcare. The program further aims to improve care for children through close cooperation and information sharing between North Carolina hospitals, primary care providers, and subspecialists.

The North Carolina team at CCNC has built a strong public-private partnership that has documented successes in quality improvement, efficiency, and cost-effective care for children that include Clinical Quality Measures.

Office Practicum was the first vendor to sign on to the project, and our client practices were among the first to participate in the project. Since May, 2012, Office Practicum has assisted in collecting data for clinical quality measurement, which helps pinpoint functions where a practice using an EHR may need help. We’ve provided training opportunities and addressed best practices in order to meet the CHIPRA model’s child health format, which in turn will enhance office workflow and increase a practice’s performance. Office Practicum was able to overcome gaps identified by CCNC, because of our EHRs pediatric specific focus, with features that include developmental screening scoring, MCHAT-Autism screening, preventive care reminders, specialty growth charts, weight-based dosing, and anticipatory guidance prompts.

“Office Practicum has set a high bar for EHR vendor participation in the work of evaluating a Model Pediatric EHR Format for national use,” states Kern Eason, Pediatric EHR Consultant at CCNC. “At every level, the team at Office Practicum has been supportive of this work by providing transparency on how the product is developed, and expertise in all areas of clinical practice where EHR technology can improve pediatric patient care. We have been honored to have Office Practicum, and their dedicated client practices in North Carolina, as evaluation partners.”

Office Practicum’s continued involvement in this important project is a testament to our commitment to pediatric EHR excellence. “It has been a pleasure to be a part of the North Carolina CHIPRA project,” says OP Medical Director Susan J. Kressly, MD, FAAP. “Taking the proposed pediatric features in the model child health EHR and examining what is currently present and possible with pediatricians in practice is very revealing. Moving from the theoretical into the real world highlights how hard pediatricians work at using their EHR to provide good care.”

Through the public-private partnership, CCNC has brought together regional networks of physicians, nurses, pharmacists, hospitals, health departments, social service agencies and other community organizations. Built on the medical home concept, Community Care of North Carolina matches each patient with a primary care provider who leads a health care team that addresses the patient’s individualized health needs, while making quality healthcare more efficient and cost-effective. CCNC saved nearly one billion dollars in the four years from 2007 through 2010, benefiting more than 5,000 North Carolina providers, 1.2 million children, and 9 million taxpayers.

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Office Practicum is the leading provider of electronic medical records and practice management systems for use in pediatric clinical settings. Since 1992, its innovative EHR solution has been delivered to hundreds of medical practices in 46 states and the Caribbean, ranging from solo providers to hospital-based clinics. The privately held company maintains primary offices in suburban Philadelphia, New York City, and central California.

About CCNC

CCNC is a community-based, public-private partnership that takes a population management approach to improving health care and containing costs for North Carolina’s most vulnerable populations. CCNC creates “medical homes” in all 100 counties for Medicaid beneficiaries, individuals that are eligible for both Medicare and Medicaid, privately-insured employees and uninsured people. To learn how CCNC saves North Carolina millions of dollars every year, visit, or visit our website at For Pediatric EHR Population Health Management information, click here.