Pediatric Telemedicine Workflows: Practice Managers’ Perspectives

Check out a recording of the recent webinar – Pediatric Telemedicine Workflows: Practice Managers’ Perspectives – hosted by Anytime Pediatrics and Allied Physicians Group.

Topics Include:

  • Payment and billing for telehealth
  • Scheduling strategies
  • Appointment reminders
  • Front-desk involvement in managing telehealth visits

A roundtable discussion led by Angie Connors, featuring:

  • Leslie Baker of Allied Physicians Group | Adjuvant
  • MaryLou Marotta of Pediatric Health Associates | Allied Physicians Group
  • Aimee Valenti of Pediatric Partners | PediaTrust LLC
  • Roger Hovis of El Paso Pediatric Associates
  • Barb Periard, MD of Forest Hills Pediatrics
  • Alyssa Scholz of East Elm Pediatrics

Watch the recording now.

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