[Deadline This Week] Phase 3 Provider Relief Funding

There is now Round 3 of the CARES Act funding available for pediatricians, including those who do not take Medicaid or CHIP.  There is the opportunity for additional monies for practices whose 2020 receipts are not at least 98% of the revenue they made in 2019.

On Monday, October 5, 2020, the CARES Act Provider Relief Fund re-opened for Phase 3 of applications. This third phase will close on November 6, 2020.

Should you consider applying?

Practices that should consider applying include: 

  • Practices that opened between January 1 and March 31, 2020
  • Practices that received a small (e.g., $85) payment from Medicare but did not get a second payment of 2% of prior-year revenues
  • Practices that did receive a 2%-of-prior-year-revenues payment but still have a financial need
  • Practices that tried to apply previously but whose applications were never completed and/or never received funds

As of October 22, the requirement to take Medicare, Medicaid, or CHIP was removed. Now practices that do not take Medicaid, CHIP, or Medicare may apply.

To assist our pediatric practices with this Phase 3, I have created: CARES PRF Phase 3 Disbursements and Reporting. Click here to download a copy. 

Keep in mind that this is not official AAP guidance or advice. This is my own personal summary and interpretation of the rules. I am not a health care attorney, a CPA, or an HHS staffer. I just like spreadsheets. All errors are mine. To report errors or request updates, please contact me at

This disbursement is first-come, first-serve, so don’t delay.

Other resources to download: On-Demand Webinar (presented by myself and Dr. Sue Kressly, MD, FAAP) Preparing Your CARES Act Medicaid Distribution Application as well as my Phase 2 guidebook.

Guest blog submitted Dr. Suzanne Berman, MD, FAAP

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