Practice Spotlight: Fairhope Pediatrics

You care about your employees. You want to show your appreciation for all of their hard work. But during times of socially distancing and virtual visits, how do you do it?

Fairhope Pediatrics, located in Fairhope, Alabama, has certainly come up with a creative way to show support for their staff and keep morale from dipping during these times.

“My office manager and I took the afternoon to surprise all of our employees with yard signs to show our appreciation for their dedication and hard work,” explained Katrina Skinner, MD, FAAP.

Practice Owner and Pediatrician Dr. Katrina Skinner, along with Practice Administrator Rosalyn Rowley, had the best time showing appreciation to the very dedicated and hard-working staff of Fairhope Pediatrics.

“So blessed by a boss and company who values her employees, both our physical and mental health! I’m so blessed to join with all of Fairhope Pediatrics to care for our community’s precious kiddos,” commented Lindsey White, CPNP.

In addition to her own staff, Dr. Skinner also shows support to the wider pediatric community through Women in Pediatrics, a community she has fostered.

She started this site to have a place for female pediatricians to gather and support one another. To have a place to connect, reset, and energize.

It’s critical to understand the importance of the role your staff plays in your practice. Taking care of these valuable team members should be a high priority. For this reason, we applaud Fairhope Pediatrics (and Dr. Skinner) and encourage all practices to discover new and creative ways to show staff appreciation.

You can find tips, tricks, and best practices on responding to the coronavirus pandemic by visiting the Pediatric Success Series COVID-19 Resource Center regularly.

Liz Allen

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