Practice Spotlight: Happy & Healthy Pediatrics

While social distancing is extremely important during the pandemic, it is affecting families all across the country. Common things like support during the postpartum period and newborn well checks look vastly different than they did just a few months ago.

Happy & Healthy Pediatrics in Mineola, New York, is one of the many pediatric practices finding creative ways to continue caring for patients during this pandemic. The practice is also going a step beyond by providing helpful free resources for children and adults on its website and Facebook page.

“We are passionate about doing what we can to help our community through this challenging time,” said Elissa Rubin, MD, FAAP, IBCLC, RLC, owner of Happy & Healthy Pediatrics. “Trying to serve our community is what is really keeping me going.”

In the Happy & Healthy Virtual Room, the practice is offering the following complimentary, virtual classes.

  • Kids Fitness
  • Kids Mindfulness
  • Adult Mindfulness
  • Kids Yoga
  • New Mom Support
  • Kids/Family Cooking
  • Behavior Workshop
  • Adult Fitness
  • Healthcare Support
  • Postpartum Group

The Happy & Healthy Pediatrics website also features videos explaining the precautions the practice is taking when caring for patients. They are especially reassuring for parents with children who are due for vaccines and also those with newborns who need weight checks and other monitoring during the first few days and weeks after birth.

In addition, the Happy & Healthy Pediatrics website and Facebook page provide frequent updates on COVID-19 and tips for telemedicine appointments. Dr. Rubin has a blog where she writes honest, vulnerable stories. As a parent and essential worker, she’s not afraid to show her human side.

It’s critical for pediatric practices to come up with creative solutions to support their communities, despite the economic challenges the pandemic presents. For this reason, we applaud Happy & Healthy Pediatrics and encourage other practices to start (or continue) thinking outside the box.

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