3 Ways to Prevent and Reduce Denials

Now more than ever, it is critical for revenue cycle leaders and physician practices to determine ways to maximize cash flow. The pandemic has brought complexity to billing and new challenges to the forefront. For that reason, it is crucial to focus on denials prevention. Below are the 3 best practices to prevent and reduce denials proactively.

Educate and Communicate

  • Front offices and back offices need to know their role and responsibility in the practice and operations. Education and communication are key. 
  • Create and periodically refer to a summary of the responsibilities tasked to your practice team and to your RCM team.

Verify Patient Insurance Prior to Service

  • Leverage your clearinghouse insurance verification feature to properly obtain patient’s eligibility and benefits.
  • Address any coordination of benefits (COB) issues, prior to the visit.

Document Appropriately and Clearly

Denials prevention requires all hands on deck. Your RCM team should be focused on reducing the burden of denials. This will ultimately help clear the way for providers to focus on what is most important: caring for your patients. 

Elizabeth Feliciano

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