Ready for this year’s vaccine season?

The current pandemic is forcing pediatric practices everywhere to rethink their patient and practice workflows so they can continue to provide care to their communities. Has your practice thought through the changes that need to happen when preparing for the upcoming vaccine season?

For the third quarter (July through September), the Pediatric Success Series is going to focus on supplying you resources to help your practice prepare for a vaccine season in times of social distancing. 

To ensure we are giving you the guidance you need, we want to hear directly from you!

In the survey below, submit any questions or topics of interest that come to mind when you think about getting your practice ready to tackle this year’s vaccination season. (Example: How should I manage inventory? Tips on practicing social distancing at a flu shot clinic?)

We’ll take the questions/topics submitted to our pediatric industry experts, and deliver the answers to you via webinars, podcasts, and blog articles. 

The Pediatric Success Series Q3 Spotlight: Preparing for Vaccine Season in Times of Social Distancing will kick off at the beginning of July – so click here to submit your questions/topic ideas today.

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