Real-Time Connectivity with NYC Registry

Real-Time Connectivity with NYC Registry

Connexin Software, Inc., publisher of the award-winning Office Practicum® pediatric electronic medical records system, today announced that it has become the first EMR vendor to pilot real-time bidirectional connectivity with the New York Citywide Immunization Registry (CIR).

“Immunization-related activities consume a lot of pediatric office resources,” said Gregory H. Anderson, Connexin Treasurer and CFO. “Much of that effort goes into building and maintaining vaccination histories. With this interface, a new patient’s immunization chart can be populated instantly with a single click – no transcription required. And submitting back to the registry is completely automatic.”

Most immunization registries now offer a combination of batch and/or interactive submission of vaccination records, plus a web portal to retrieve the information. This approach offers few workflow benefits over paper chart transcription, because that information – though often more complete and up-to-date than paper records – still must be hand-entered into EMR systems. By adopting HL7 standards and delivering delimited data through a real-time web service, the new CIR system transcends this problem by allowing for direct computer-to-computer exchange.

“Time and again, pediatricians tell us that they support universal immunization and want to do their part to disseminate information about vaccination records,” said Anderson. “But it has to be incorporated seamlessly into their office workflow, and they want to get something back for their effort. The CIR real-time interface is a huge step in that direction. Our New York City clients are eager to work with it.”

As the leader in pediatric EMRs, Office Practicum has a strong history of support for immunization registries. It was one of the first programs to provide a batch interface to the original CIR in 1997 and remains among the largest submitters of clinical vaccine records today. Subsequent enhancements have brought the total number of supported registries to more than 20. In addition, Connexin has participated in AAP/AIRA and CDC conferences to encourage broader adoption of standards and increased rates of provider participation with immunization registries.

Real-time connectivity will be demonstrated at the AAP National Conference and Exposition in Boston, Massachusetts, from October 11 – 13, 2008. Initial commercial delivery is expected immediately upon CIR production availability.

About Connexin Software, Inc.

Connexin Software, Inc. is the leading provider of electronic medical records systems for use in pediatric clinical settings. Since 1995, Connexin has provided innovative solutions to hundreds of medical practices in over 40 states, ranging from solo providers to hospital-based clinics. The privately held company maintains primary offices in New York City and suburban Philadelphia.

About the New York Citywide Immunization Registry

The New York Citywide Immunization Registry provides a central record-keeping system to track the immunization status of individual children and to monitor immunization levels in the population in a timely manner. First established in 1997, the CIR makes immunization records available to individuals, parents, legal guardians or custodians, health care providers, health plans, schools, and other agencies concerned with health to help ensure that NYC residents receive all required immunizations and are, thereby, protected from vaccine-preventable diseases.