Rethink Your Pediatric Patient Workflow

Before COVID-19, your patients may have been expected to visit multiple rooms (making contact with several different staff members) in your practice throughout their visit. Check-in. Waiting room. Vitals. Exam room. Vaccinations. Lab work. Schedule follow-up appointment. Check-out. To support the new normal, you’ll need to rethink this entire process so that you can support social distancing and virtual care while keeping your families and your office team safe.

Check out our latest recorded webinar, Rethinking Your Patient Workflow with Social Distancing in Mind, presented by Sue Kressly, MD, FAAP and Chief Medical Director at OP.

Take a look at the changes other practices are making when it comes to scheduling and patient workflow and learn how you can best innovate for future success.

During this webinar, Dr. Kressly will address the follow practice challenges:

  • What should scheduling look like?
  • What role should telehealth have in your practice?
  • What work can be accomplished by the patient prior to the visit? How can you encourage completion?
  • How do you make your patients feel safe?
  • How can you use your innovations to market your practice?

Get your practice prepared for the new normal and watch the webinar recording today.

Kimmy Babula

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