Survey shows that Americans open to viewing medical data online

Survey shows that Americans open to viewing medical data online

A recent survey on the usage of electronic health records revealed that many Americans would be interested in viewing their medical information online if they received instructions on how to access it from their physicians. 

According to a press release, over 2,000 adults completed the survey online in September. Though the majority of people who participated do not currently use the patient portal feature to access their health data, 57 percent said they would be interested in learning more about it and using it in the future.

The reason most of these people are not logging into their portals is because most of them did not know they existed, explained the survey. About 35 percent did not know what a patient portal was, while 31 percent reported that their doctors had never mentioned they could access information online. The survey participants who had logged into their portals said that it was a positive experience – 59 percent of EHR users noted that it made them more aware and proactive when it came to their health care. 

According to the survey, the demographic with the highest number of active EHR users was the baby boomer generation. About 83 percent of boomers between the ages of 55 and 64 reported that they either use patient portals or would definitely log in if they had more information about them. Those who regularly use the systems log in to make appointments, look at test results, ask their doctors questions, request referrals and refill prescriptions. 

Millennials who answered the survey were more interested in accessing their health information on the go, with 43 percent stating that they would be most interested in logging in on a smartphone. Other features this group showed interest in were personalized health care suggestions and industry news.