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One Voice/Customer Journey



This document is intended for OP team members that communicate with prospective clients during the sales cycle

and with newly signed clients during the installation and implementation cycles leading to Go Live.


The purpose of this document is to identify discussions held during the sales cycle that set expectations for the customer’s journey with OP moving forward and to provide consistent language for any OP employee or team that communicates with clients during the sales cycle, during contract negotiations, and during the installation and implementation processes leading to Go Live.

While this document focuses primarily on the milestones, services, and offerings that OP sets with clients after signing the contract, the content also impacts discussions that OP representatives may have with prospective clients during the sales and marketing cycle. It is therefore critical that all OP representatives that interact with prospective and current clients during the sales cycle and contract negotiations and during the installation and implementation processes be familiar with the content and tone of this document to ensure that OP presents a unified and consistent presentation.

Anything that is discussed or negotiated with a prospective client that is not consistent with the contents in this document must be documented in writing for sales, implementation, and training purposes.

Note: The services and offerings that OP provides its clients and that are discussed in this document are dependent upon a contract being signed by both parties. Some of the offerings discussed in this document are optional and incur a cost in addition to the contracted cost and must be negotiated separately.


This document focuses primarily on the those OP team members that interact directly with prospective and current clients during the sales cycle and contract negotiations and during the installation and implementation phases of the Go-Live process. It does not detail the duties, services, and offerings of OP departments on an ongoing basis after Go Live. This document assumes that each department has its own set of processes, services, and offerings documented and that each department communicates that information to its team members to ensure a consistent message with OP clients.

Departments, Services, and Offerings

Client Advocate

Upon contracting with OP, you are assigned a Client Advocate (CA) representative. The responsibility of the CA is to become familiar with the operations of your Practice and to listen to, understand and acknowledge your concerns and challenges. Your Client Advocate then provides guidance and offers solutions that enable your Practice to optimize its use of OP 14. The size of your Practice determines the type of CA assigned to you:

  • 1 to 4 provider Practices are introduced to the Client Advocate department, which guides management during the implementation and training phases and throughout their tenure with OP. The CAs advise clients on additional products, features, and services that may complement how they use the system.
  • 5 to 14 provider Practices have a dedicated Client Advocate.
  • For larger, enterprise Practices (with 15 or more providers), a dedicated Enterprise Account Manager is assigned. They actively monitor the success of the Practice and meet with management to help address the challenges that come with Practices that have a more complex business model (such as various, large departments or multiple Practice locations).

Implementation Process

  • Your IPM works with your Practice to guide you through your implementation and provides you with an agreed upon timeline, the Readiness Checklist and implementation instructions to keep things on track for your self-guided implementation and training.
  • We look for your assistance during this transition to stick to the timeline and meet milestones leading up to and through your Go-Live date.
  • Your IPM is available to you at pre-scheduled meetings, as well as via email to make sure all elements of your data migration, training plan, and other pressing areas are met. The weekly email from our implementation team is critical to monitoring your progress and completion of Readiness Checklist items.
  • Go Live is dependent on the completion of milestones assigned to OP and your Practice (including training and data requirements) which are set at the Kickoff meeting.
  • Two of your most critical milestones are:
    1. At least 80% of each role on your staff must complete and pass their eLearning sessions.
    2. All items on the Readiness Checklist must be completed approximately two weeks prior to Go Live.

Training Plan

  • The OP Training Plan includes eLearning access for all users in your office. It is critical for the success of your Practice that all users complete their assigned eLearning sessions, virtual peer-to-peer sessions, webinars, and that they pass a short certification quiz to confirm their proficiency in using OP software. After passing the quiz, they are then considered officially “OP Certified.” The eLearning environment is available to you and your staff 24 hours a day and can be accessed from any computer at work or home.
    Note: At least 80% of each role on your staff must complete and pass their eLearning sessions approximately two weeks prior to Go Live.
  • To supplement eLearning instruction and provide any clarity as needed, pre Go Live virtual peer-to-peer sessions and webinars on a variety of topics are available for Super Users and office staff.
  • Practices may purchase optional one-on-one training sessions (web-based instructor led sessions at a cost of $150/hour) to work with a trainer on specific customization or workflow elements or to receive in-depth instruction on any topic.
  • Onsite support is available as a billable option ($1,800/day plus travel and expenses) during your training plan for Super User training, at Go Live for all office staff, and at any time during your tenure with OP. This allows you to make the judgment call on any additional resources you may need to maximize your success with OP software.
  • During Go Live, two days of web-chat assistance are available to you to work with a trainer on topics that arise. Chat is available from 8:00 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. ET. Two 30-minute check-in calls will also be scheduled with you.
  • Post Go Live virtual peer-to-peer sessions and webinars continue to be available for ongoing instruction on new topics as well as workflow related concerns.
  • Attendance at virtual peer-to-peer sessions and webinars is strongly encouraged to enhance your knowledge of OP software and is especially helpful in solidifying your training and enhancing your knowledge.

Data Migration

  • If you are switching from another EHR vendor to OP software, OP provides your Practice with data-extraction specifications (in CSV format) that you can provide to your current vendor. These specifications enable you to extract your current data in a format that OP software recognizes. Your Practice is responsible for bringing your data to OP in this format so that we may begin your data conversion.
  • If your Practice wishes to exercise the option of having OP extract the data from a server-based solution, our team can evaluate if this is possible and provide a quote for the number of billable hours it would take to complete this data extraction.
    Note: OP is often unable to extract data from cloud-based solutions.
  • Optional items that are not part of the standard conversion that your Practice wishes to include are quoted in billable hours if you wish to include them in the conversion.

Support Use and Introduction

  • Our Support department is available from 8:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m. ET on weekdays and 10:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. ET on weekends and holidays. We also offer after-hours emergency technical support 24/7 if your Practice encounters problems that prevent you from using OP software (that is, no one in your Practice can open or use OP software). This is important to keep in mind because after-hours calls that are not true emergencies may be subject to an additional cost.
  • All of the members of our Support team are located in the United States, with most of them in our corporate headquarters just outside of Philadelphia.
  • There are several methods of contacting our Support department, including email, chat, and phone calls. You can also visit our Service Center and create a case that’s submitted directly to our Support team. You are encouraged to use the method that offers you the best resolution for your issue.
  • Similar to how your office may use a phone tree or operator for triage, when you call or chat, you will be connected to a Contact Coordinator who will help direct your call or chat to the specific department that can best assist you.
  • During the implementation process, you will be introduced to the various methods of accessing the OP Support department so that your OP Support representatives (alongside the Implementation and Training teams) become a valuable resource to you during the on-boarding and Go Live process.

Customer Responsibilities

  • You and your staff should anticipate that training takes time out of the regular work day. Plan ahead for flexibility and make sure each staff member has time to do their eLearning and to attend webinars where appropriate.
  • Your readiness to use OP software in a production environment is dependent upon a minimum of 80% of staff in each role completing and passing their eLearning sessions and your Practice completing all items on the Readiness Checklist provided in your implementation instructions.
  • Weekly emails from our Implementation team provide feedback on the progress you are making in completing your Readiness Checklist items.
  • We highly recommend assigning an internal project manager to ensure all staff members are taking their required eLearning courses on time and completing them with a passing grade.  Your project manager will have special access in eLearning to perform these duties.
  • If you are transitioning from another EHR vendor, it is important to contact your existing EHR vendor to obtain your data files in the proper CSV format. Please see the following documents for formatting guidelines:
  • If for any reason you are unable to obtain your files, OP can evaluate (as an option) whether we can extract data for you at an hourly cost. Our ability to extract data successfully in this situation is dependent upon where the data is located and its current format.
  • We ask that all involved parties, including your Practice owners, attend and actively participate in scheduled meetings with your IPM.
  • We encourage you to identify a point person in each office role (front desk, clinical, provider and billing) who can be the go-to person for the project or your “Champion of Change.” OP will engage them when appropriate to discuss the enhancements and changes to their process.
  • OP follows the industry standards of data migration, which includes not transferring financial data. It is important for your Practice to develop a strategy to work down your patient and insurance A/R in your existing system. This will simplify working in both systems while you transition from your previous system to OP software for the period after Go Live.

Enhancement/Development Requests

  • OP values the thoughts and needs of our community members and encourage all of you to contribute to our Development cycle. When you have a request of the Development team or an enhancement you would like to see added to the software, please enter that through the Support or Client Advocate departments. You will be notified prior to each OP software release of any items that are new or fixed, so keep an eye out for your requests.

Interoperability Measures

  • As the health IT communities continue to grow, it is more important than ever to remain interconnected to your local immunization registries, labs, hospitals, and HIE’s. If you need to communicate with a local interoperability solution, please share that with your Sales Manager, Project Manager, or Client Advocate and we will determine the appropriate next steps.

Referrals / Site Visits

  • If a prospective client requests a site visit during the Sales cycle, the RSM confers with the Customer Advocate team to identify the client that best suits the site visit. Determining which client is the best match for the prospect is based upon the size and complexity of the Practice as well as the location. Once identified, the RSM contacts the OP client and verifies they are appropriate to use and are willing to serve as an OP reference. Detail on the visiting prospect is reviewed with the OP client and any pertinent information that fosters a good experience for both the prospect and OP client is shared.
  • During the call, the RSM reviews the OP Rewards program with the OP customer.
  • This is the same process the Sales team follows when a prospective client requests a a phone reference without an on-site session.
  • The RSM documents all details in SalesForce.

Billing Service / RCM

  • OP’s Pediatric Billing Services (PBS) department offers your Practice the ability to leverage a billing partner for your RCM. Our US-based billing team works with your Practice to send out claims, process payments and denials, and to send out patient statements. OP PBS offers complete pediatric billing services. However, OP PBS does not provide patient/parent follow-up calls and does not manage accounts sent to collections.
  • During implementation, it will be the responsibility of the Practice to complete the credentialing process with their new clearinghouse vendor and to work down any A/R that is in their legacy system, as that information is not part of the data migration.
  • The Practice continues to be the point-of-contact for all patient and parent conversations during your term with PBS.
  • When adding RCM as a bundle with your OP solution, you will be invoiced the greater of your minimum monthly payment and your percentage of revenue from the previous month’s billing cycle. Your payments still begin upon installation. Often, the minimum monthly payment is assessed for the first one or two billing cycles until the RCM rate applied to your monthly billings exceeds this amount.

Ongoing Community Involvement (UGC/AAP/ListServ)

  • When you purchase an OP solution, you join an elite group of pediatricians across the nation that are already enjoying OP software. After your Go Live period, you can access the Provider Listserv, which promotes the sharing of Best Practices throughout the OP community. This helps you stay informed on the best ways to use the software and allows chat conversations with your peer group. We offer a similar Listserv experience for Practice managers.
  • OP proudly offers our annual User Group Conference that provides peer-to-peer conversations, general learning sessions, working groups and self-paced learning lab experiences that complement our pediatric software. The User Group Conference also allows you to meet the executive and OP staff that support you and the pediatric community.
  • OP supports the mission of the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) and supports many local, regional, and national AAP events including the National Convention and Exhibits. By sending key players to attend, we ensure OP is present and participating in the pediatric community to demonstrate the many pediatric features and any new software enhancements as they become available. We are proud to attend these events and feel it keeps us connected with the nuances of being a pediatric Practice in today’s world.

Medical Director / Executive Involvement

  • OP is directly tied into the pediatric community in many ways. Not only do we have staff members in many departments who come from a Practice and clinical background, our Medical Director, Dr. Sue Kressly, continues to practice medicine in her private Practice in Bucks County, PA. Dr. Sue advocates on behalf of her patients and colleagues at the state and regional AAP conferences.
  • If we can assist you in thriving as an independent Practice, please do not hesitate to let any member of the OP team know so that members of our management and executive teams can connect with you.

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