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While the future is uncertain, there’s one thing that remains constant – OP’s dedication to the pediatric community with forward-thinking pediatric-specific solutions. Fill out the form below and we’ll contact you to schedule your demo and discuss how we can assist your practice in supporting social distancing and virtual care.

Curbside Arrival

To support social distancing efforts while providing quality care, OP rolled out a solution that facilitates automated text communications between families and the office, allowing patients/parents to “announce” their arrival from the safety of their own cars.

Billing Relief Packages

Many pediatric practices have billers who cannot report to the office. Since bills still need to go out, OP created COVID-19 Billing Relief Packages. This allows practices to enlist our team of experts to help with some or all of your billing needs.

HIPAA-Compliant Telemedicine

In order to provide our clients with HIPAA-compliant telehealth immediately, OP partnered with the only pediatric-specific telemedicine solution. We also devised symptom and diagnosis template packages so that clients would have these readily available as they instituted telemedicine.

Pediatric Community

More than just an EHR, OP is a community. Right now, thousands of pediatricians, office managers, and practice administrators are having incredible, meaningful conversations — especially around the new normal that will result from the coronavirus pandemic.

Prepare Your Practice for the New Tomorrow

“Curbside Arrival will be an immensely valuable tool even after COVID-19 is long gone. I appreciate OP for continuing to innovate and meet the needs of our practices during these difficult times.” – Ron Emerick, D.O., of Little Pine Pediatrics


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