Edna Anne Pytlak, MD, FAAP


Dr. Edna Pytlak has been a practicing pediatrician for 25 years. She graduated from Albany Medical College in 1983 and completed her residency at Downstate Medical Center in Brooklyn, NY.

She and her partners, Dr. O’Connor and Dr. Dalton, have a pediatric practice in the Brooklyn Heights section of New York with over 4,000 active patients. The office is a preceptor site for medical students from Weill Cornell Medical College where she is an Assistant Professor of Outpatient Pediatrics. In addition, she is a preceptor for nurse practitioner students from Pace University.

One of the original OP founders, Dr. Edna Pytlak has retained an ongoing role in assuring OP’s development always meets the core medical management functions currently needed by active practitioners in the field. Dr. Edna Pytlak’s office is the alpha-test site that validates every upgrade and revision to OP, before its release to our general client base.

Edna lives in Brooklyn with her husband, Fred.