Suzanne Berman, MD, FAAP

Assistant Medical Director

Suzanne Berman received her medical degree with high honors from the University of Tennessee and completed her pediatric residency at Southern Illinois University.  

She is co-founder and managing partner of Plateau Pediatrics, the first NCQA-recognized level 3 patient centered medical home in Tennessee.

Dr. Berman serves the American Academy of Pediatrics in a variety of roles.  She is a Fellow at Large for the Tennessee AAP Chapter and serves as the chair of the Tennessee Pediatric Council, which provides a forum for discussion of payment issues between insurance companies and pediatricians.  She served on the AAP’s Committee for Child Health Financing and currently is the chair of the AAP’s Section on Administration and Practice Management.

In 2017, Suzanne became the assistant medical director for Connexin Software, a pediatric EMR company.

Dr. Berman frequently contributes to AAP projects and publications regarding medical home practice transformation, rural health, coding, data mining, and policymaking.