OP Mobile

Gain access to your practice’s schedules and crucial patient data from any device with web access, allowing the flexibility to deliver care whenever and wherever needed.

Babies get sick at two o’clock in the morning and ear infections don’t take weekends off. Start accessing your patient records outside of routine office hours with OP Mobile. This web-based platform allows you and your staff to access your practice’s schedule and the crucial patient data necessary to provide care from ANY device with internet access (iPhone, Android, iPad, computer).

With OP Mobile you’ll be able to:

  • View the patient’s chart – With OP Mobile’s chart feature, you can view a patient’s current problems, allergies, and medications.
  • Check your practice’s schedule easily – View your appointments and your coworkers’ by day and office location.
  • Send secure messages – Whether you need to send messages to your office staff or other providers in your practice, you can do so easily and securely from OP Mobile.
  • Upload Images and documents – OP Mobile enables you to save important images from an emergency room visit, colleagues, or a conference, directly to the Document Management Center or the patient chart in OP’s EHR. Support your touchless check-in by taking a picture of insurance cards with direct import into your patient’s OP record.

In addition to the robust features and functionality available in OP Mobile, you can rest assured that every precaution — including never storing any information on your device — has been taken to ensure all protected health information stays secure.

To see OP Mobile in action or get additional information, request a demonstration today.