Quality Reporting

Become a Patient Centered Medical Home (PCMH)

As a pediatric practice, you already know what it means to serve as a patient’s medical home. Now it’s time to get recognized by the National Committee on Quality Assurance (NCQA) for the added value you bring to your patients – and boost your revenue at the same time.

If you’re thinking about applying for PCMH recognition, OP Medical Home (OPMH) reports will make your submission much easier to assemble. OPMH compiles reports across the concepts, competencies and criteria as defined by the official NCQA standards, such as:

  • Average time for telephone and email responses
  • Same-day access
  • Care Management
  • Follow up on newborn screenings
  • Assessment of language needs
  • Quality improvement
  • Reports filtered by date range, provider or location

Recognition in medical home programs is often rewarded by payers. OPMH makes it possible to qualify for additional reimbursement from any payer that accepts NCQA’s PCMH Recognition or participates in a pay-for-performance program.

Office Practicum version 14 is pre-validated by NCQA to receive autocredit towards NCQA PCMH 2017 scoring. Clients seeking NCQA PCMH 2017 Recognition who actively utilize the reviewed capabilities are eligible for transfer of the awarded autocredit – further shortening your application process!

ONC Certified EHR

OP is committed to maintaining certification across our full suite of products so that you qualify for the financial incentives offered by Medicaid, as well as private payer programs. In May 2011, OP certified under the Stage 1 criteria, and version 14 was certified in October 2014 as a Complete Ambulatory EHR under 2014 guidelines.

Meaningful Use Certification

This Complete EHR is ONC Health IT Certification compliant and has been certified by an ONC-ACB in accordance with the applicable certification criteria adopted by the Secretary of Health & Human Services. This certification does not represent an endorsement by the U.S. Department of Health & Human Services or guarantee the receipt of incentive payments.

Vendor: Connexin Software, Inc.
Certified EHR Name: Office Practicum
Certified EHR Version: 14
InfoGard Certification#: IG-2539-14-0076
Certification Date:
 October 27, 2014
Classification: Complete
Practice Setting: Ambulatory
Requirements Edition: 2014
Ambulatory Clinical Quality Measures: CMS2 v3, CMS22 v2, CMS50 v2, CMS69 v2, CMS74 v3, CMS75 v2, CMS82 v1, CMS117 v2, CMS126 v2, CMS128 v2, CMS136 v3, CMS138 v2, CMS146 v2, CMS147 v2, CMS148 v2, CMS153 v2, CMS154 v2, CMS155 v2, CMS156 v2, CMS161 v2, CMS165 v2, CMS166 v3, CMS177 v2
Additional SW Required: ePrescribing, Patient Message eXchange, OP Patient Portal, EMR Direct*

CMS EHR Certification ID: 1314E01PCEROEAB

View our EHR certificate, provided by InfoGard.

View our page on the Department of Health & Human Service’s list of certified EHRs.

*The additional software Office Practicum version 14 relied upon to demonstrate compliance includes The OP Connectivity Package (ePrescribing, Patient Message eXchange, OP Patient Portal, EMR Direct) for either Client Server or hosted by OP.

Costs and Limitations:

The OP Essential, Professional and Elite Packages require an ongoing monthly recurring subscription fee to cover term license use, hosting, maintenance and support of the OP 14 application. One time setup fees for implementation of direct messaging, EPCS (identity proofing), bidirectional labs, training and, in some cases data migration and custom interface connections are also required.

Additional one time and/or recurring subscription fees may be required during the term of the customer’s contract for the addition of modules or interfaces not included in their initial package purchased. These additional modules or interfaces may be added depending upon individual customer needs, such as: additional lab or HIE interfaces, secure patient messaging credits, Direct Messaging setup and additional Direct Messaging addresses, EPCS, training, reports, and other integrated business partner functionality. For the Cloud Model, additional one time and/or recurring subscription fees may be required for the addition of server storage space and user connections to the hosted server. Additional costs may be incurred for technical support outside the scope of the SLA such as assistance for installation of updates software when designed for self-installation.

Customer Contracts: Customer contracts for OP 14 typically carry a 2-5 year term and include an annual, limited escalation of monthly subscription fees. The customer may be required to contract and/or register with certain integrated business partners for services such as lab or HIE interfaces, secure patient messaging credits, Direct Messaging setup and additional Direct Messaging addresses, and EPCS.

View our page on the Department of Health & Human Service’s list of certified EHRs.

*The CMS EHR Certification ID (15 characters) may be obtained via the CHPL website for EHR products (or product combinations) that meet 100% of the CMS required criteria for Meaningful Use. Please refer to the CMS website.

**The additional software Office Practicum version 15.1 relied upon to demonstrate compliance includes the Medfusion Patient Portal and EMR Direct for which an additional set up and ongoing fees may apply to implement.