Patient Engagement

Engage with patients and families

Expand your practice walls

OP provides a suite of services that save your practice time and money, enhance the patient and parent experience, and increase patient and staff satisfaction.

Patient Messaging

OP Notify™ is an all-in-one patient communication platform powered by industry-leading technology and fully integrated with OP’s EHR solution. With OP Notify, you’ll be able to increase:

  • Parent satisfaction – provide parents with child appointment reminders
  • Staff performance – automate the patient communication process, removing the need for human intervention
  • Practice revenue – eliminate no-shows by providing patients with email, text, and phone reminders

The solution includes:

  • Reliable, performance-driven messaging engine
  • Seamless demographic exchange of information
  • Automated email, text, and call reminders
  • Ability to schedule and automate communications
  • Real-time updates for cancellations and rescheduling
  • Robust HTML editor for easy and professional email creation
  • Advanced recipient targeting
  • Sophisticated, pediatric-specific recall engine for overdue well visits and vaccinations

OP Patient Portal powered by InteliChart

Easily engage with patients and parents

The OP Patient Portal is a secure, HIPAA-compliant solution that facilitates parent and patient engagement with your practice. Powered by InteliChart, the industry leader in patient engagement technology, the OP Patient Portal enables your practice to:

  • Improve communications and documentation – strengthen your relationship with parents and patients with an easy-to-use messaging system that allows secure messages (with attachments) to be sent between users and practice staff. All messages are transcribed into the patient record. 
  • Increase patient/parent satisfaction – users can view child’s full health record, including demographics, lab results, upcoming appointments, and medication and immunization lists from a computer or an app on an iPhone/Android smartphone.
  • Save your practice time and money – encourage portal users to request refills, referrals, and appointments online vs. over the phone.
  • Provide a greater focus on quality care – easily access and share patient information electronically so your practice can focus on what really matters – providing exceptional pediatric care.

By giving your parents and patients easy access to the OP Patient Portal,  you not only make their lives easier but yours as well.



OP Mobile gives you access to our popular EHR features on your iPhone® or iPad® – anywhere you are. Babies get sick at two o’clock in the morning and ear infections don’t take weekends off. Start accessing your patient records outside of routine office hours with the OP mobile app.

  • Write messages on call, or dictate them using Siri
  • Take photos, or attach pictures to encounter notes – conveniently documenting conditions
  • View schedules, so you can quickly reference your upcoming appointments
  • Access key clinical lists such as problems, allergies and medication lists wherever you are

The OP Mobile app is free to download at The App Store®, but you must own the OP Patient Portal to pair your device.