21st Century Cures Act

How does Office Practicum help you adapt to this ever-changing pediatric healthcare environment? OP partners with you on the journey, ensuring that independent pediatric practices have all the performance-centric tools needed to be compliant with the 21st Century Cures Act.

OP can help your practice with these Cures Act-specific innovations and features:

Sensitive Information Protection

Having adolescent privacy settings, our EHR allows you to granularly protect sensitive information. Protect individual data elements such as: problem list items, medications, lab results, notes, parts of notes, and survey results.

Certified Patient Portal

Empower your patients to access their electronic information through a certified patient portal. By partnering with InteliChart, the industry leader in patient engagement technology, OP provides a solution for making patient data requests streamlined and on-demand.

HIPAA-Compliant Direct Messaging

OP provides a HIPAA-compliant direct messaging functionality within our EHR solution, enabling you to easily send and receive secure communications electronically with your care network. This also reduces the need for faxes and manual data entry.

CDA Reconciliation

When a message with an attached CDA is received, you are able to compare the clinical information that exists in a patient’s chart and electronically reconcile it with the information being provided in the CDA file.

Pediatric Community

More than just an EHR, OP is a community. Connect virtually with thousands of pediatric peers who are exchanging ideas, providing support to one another, and even discussing hot topics like the 21st Century Cures Act.

98% of practices that switch to OP, stay with OP. Whether you are actively seeking solutions or just curious about OP’s 21st Century Cures Act innovations, fill out the form below to schedule your personalized OP walk-through today.

“Since we started with Office Practicum, our revenues have increased over 20%.”

Tim Flatt – Pediatrics East