Quarterly Pediatric Focus

Q1 2021: Quarterly Spotlight

Keeping Your Practice as Healthy as Your Patients

Many of you are feeling the effects of all the unexpected changes that have occurred in 2020. Pediatric practices cannot do business as usual – and expect to thrive – while waiting for the pandemic to end. To continue to run a successful pediatric practice and remain independent, you have to change the way you deliver care in 2021. Throughout this quarter (from January through March), the Pediatric Success Series will be sharing conversations with industry experts and bringing you the tools needed to keep your practice as healthy as your patients.

21st Century Cures Act
Resources and tools to help you feel confident that your practice is prepared for the 21st Century Cures Act.

2021 Office Visit E&M Coding & Documentation Changes

Resources and tools to help your practice as you’re adapting to the changes.


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