Understanding 3 Crucial RCM KPIs

You’ve partnered with OP RCM to help you manage your revenue cycle. In order to do so effectively, we monitor several key performance indicators (KPI) so that we can help protect and increase your cash flow. Although we have our eyes on these metrics, it’s crucial that you understand what these KPIs are and how they impact your practice. To read Understanding 3 Crucial RCM KPIs that Help Us and YOU to Manage your Practice, click here.

   21st Century Cures Act Information BLOCKING and EHI

What is EHI and Information Blocking and are you ready to share your electronic data with your patients? The 21st Century Cures act is set to take the healthcare industry by storm. For more details, and to understand what this all means for you, click here.

   What you should know about Coordination of Benefits (COB)

Coordination of Benefits (COB). You’ve probably seen the term and heard staff talking about delayed payments due to this. Interested in learning what is it and how it can you help us collect more money for you? Click here.

   Are you coding your office visits correctly?

Since new E/M coding changes became effective January 2021, we want to ensure you are coding your office visits correctly. Catch these MUST SEE Coding videos and resources to capture the monies you should be:

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