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HHS Funding for Pediatricians

Calling all Pediatricians! If you have not yet applied to get your CARES Act money, please take advantage of OP resources on the Help Center as well as a recorded webinar to walk you through the process. This is a payment, not a loan. It  does not have to be repaid and you don’t have to account for how you use the money. There are several qualifying criteria, but the majority of pediatricians stand to get 2% of their gross revenue for a recent year. Don’t let this opportunity pass you by! You earned it, go get it!

Curbside is Complimentary!

In case you missed the announcement, Curbside Arrival will remain complimentary – indefinitely.  You told us that touchless check-in that enables patients and families to skip the waiting room is going to remain important for the foreseeable future. To address your needs, we launched Curbside Arrival, the solution that facilitates automated text communications between families and the office, allowing patients/parents to “announce” their arrival at the office from the safety of their own cars.  If you haven’t started using the solution, we encourage you to give it a try. Click here to explore our Help Center information which details how to use Curbside Arrival. If you have any questions, please contact support at

Contactless Payments

Integrated Payment Processing powered by InstaMed facilitates contactless payments. Use the solution to store a credit card on file and create automated payment plans.   Our integration with InstaMed supports efficient workflows for guarantors to make contactless payments via::

  • The OP Patient Portal
  • InstaMed’s Payment Portal with practice-specific URL
  • Curbside Arrival

Learn more about Integrated Payment Processing powered by InstaMed.

Making Your ePrescribing Workflow More Efficient

Prescription Drug Monitoring Program (PDMP)

Did you know that 42 states across the country require prescribers to consult their PDMP prior to prescribing a controlled substance?  OP now offers the ability for prescribers to consult their state’s PDMP as part of the EPCS workflow, which is 67% more efficient than doing it manually.  Learn more about PDMP and watch our video to see how easy it is to save time and money.  Contact your Client Solutions Manager by emailing

Electronic Prior Authorization (ePA)

Through our partner Surescripts and their CompletEPA product, OP offers an automated ePA workflow for a faster and more efficient experience.  This workflow has been proven to reduce administrative processing time, eliminate unnecessary phone calls, and secure approval from the payer early.  ePA is available at no cost to all of our clients.  Learn more about ePA and how it works.

Tip: Make sure ‘Prior Authorization’ is visible on the Medication Finder so you can see if a prior authorization (PA) is required prior to selecting the medication.  Note, ePA is driven by formulary data which is not always up-to-date.  There still will be instances where pharmacies will request a PA that was not initiated electronically.

Telehealth Integration with Anytime Pediatrics

Our world has changed since COVID-19, and everyone is adapting. In March 2020 Office Practicum announced a partnership with Anytime Pediatrics to offer a  pediatric-specific telehealth solution.  We are pleased to announce that OP is working on an integration with Anytime Pediatrics which will improve your workflow and efficiency. We expect to deliver this in August 2020.  The integration will achieve the following goals:

  • Parent and patient demographic information will automatically transfer from OP to Anytime Pediatrics.
  • Pre-scheduled telehealth visits will transfer to Anytime Pediatrics without the need for double entry.
  • Launch Anytime Pediatrics from OP without the need to sign on with separate credentials.

Contact your Client Solutions Manager to learn more about our telehealth solution t and introductory pricing by emailing

Rethinking your patient flow respecting social distancing

How is your practice addressing the new challenge of seeing patients efficiently yet respecting social distancing to keep your office team and patients safe? Start to plan now for how to increase patient visit volumes while keeping your patients and your office team as safe as possible.

Product Launch – Providing new Portal features & capabilities for our practices

Check out the bells and whistles of the new OP Patient Portal.

OP Roadmap Coming to AHA!

We know preparing your office for new product launches has been tough. So, we’re creating a view of the product roadmap in AHA!, which will show the new features, functionality, and products that are on the horizon. 

ClearTriage “Encourage Video Visits” option

With our new “Encourage Video Visits” option, ClearTriage now offers two ways to have your triage protocols reflect the significant amount of telemedicine that you’re probably offering.

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