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September 2020 EDITION

Pediatric Care Advice Handouts from Dr. Barton Schmitt

During a pediatric visit, parents receive a tremendous amount of information about their child’s health and well-being. Unfortunately, when they leave, a substantial amount of this information is forgotten.

That’s why Pediatric Care Advice (PCA) handouts are so important and included with OP’s EHR. Created by Dr. Barton Schmitt, these handouts provide parents and patients with the information they need to remain safe and healthy — no memorization necessary.

The PCA library contains 283 primary care handouts covering the top 200 pediatric diagnoses. Plus, handouts on behavioral and prevention topics such as how to handle sleep problems and prevent tooth decay.

The care advice in the handouts is consistent with the AAP Pediatric Telephone Protocols book, the electronic nurse triage protocols, the after-hours call center protocols, and children’s hospitals and practice websites that use the Pediatric Symptom Checker. The handouts will be updated yearly to reflect the current AAP guidelines. They are also the same handouts that are emailed or texted to parents at the end of a ClearTriage phone encounter. This makes for consistent, seamless care advice in your primary care setting.

Connect OP to Your In-House Lab Devices

Office Practicum recently partnered with Relaymed so now clients can connect the most common in-house lab devices to OP. With Relaymed you’ll no longer have to manually enter results or scan in patient records. Each discrete data element from tests performed with your own in-house lab equipment will automatically transfer to OP for review.

View Relaymed’s list of supported devices to see if yours is compatible.

Interested? Contact your client solutions manager at about adding a Relaymed connection to your suite of OP solutions.

Help Office Practicum Help YOU!

In the normal course of using OP, occasionally users will encounter a seemingly random error message and wonder why they are getting the error and what it means. You now have the opportunity to help us improve the software for the entire community. OP has added tracking software that can capture the “under the hood” code running in the background and send that information to the developers to facilitate rapid and contextual error tracking. If you come upon the pop-up “Error Occurred” form, please take the time to enter what you were doing when the error occurred (for example, “I right clicked to open the encounter note from the appointment” or “I hit the Billing Center icon on the Billing Tab”.) Also include your email address so that the OP team can reach out to you if they need further information. For more information, see our Help article. Thanks in advance for collaborating with us to improve OP!

Flu Clinics using your new OP Portal

You can now allow parents to schedule or request flu clinic appointments via the New OP Patient Portal. Follow these three simple steps and you’ll be on your way.

  1. Create a flu clinic user that is unique to the clinic (i.e., not associated with a current staff user) or add the flu clinic to an established user such as a provider or nurse.
  2. Modify the calendar to include the flu clinic user
  3. Add the OP flu clinic user, complete the reason for appointment mapping and confirm scheduled appointments display

Guide for Safe 2020-2021 Pediatric Flu Clinics

To efficiently and safely conduct pediatric flu clinics during the 2020-2021 season, you know you’ll need to be creative.

Check out the Pediatric Success Series latest guide created by Dr. Sue Kressly, Pediatric Flu Clinics: 5 In-Depth Strategies for Efficiency While Social Distancing, for tips on how to successfully hold flu clinics this season.

The Pediatric Success Series is a community developed by pediatricians and administration staff, to share the tools and resources needed to make your practice stronger.

This guide is a part of the always-free Pediatric Success Series, packed with tips, tricks for independent pediatric practices. Sign up now for instant access to this guide and all premium content.

2021 Changes

OP is counting down to the January 2021 Coding and Documentation Changes for E/M services. What is your practice plan to be prepared and spread this information to all of your providers? Don’t have one? Start today!

Device Usability Feedback

Office Practicum is dedicated to improving usability on laptops and tablets. Please take a minute to fill out this quick device usage survey. Your feedback is very important to us and we appreciate it.

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