Improving Clinical Workflow and Billing Inefficiencies

Bryn Mawr Pediatrics Transforms its Practice with a Pediatric EHR and Billing Solution from OP

Located in Haverford, Pennsylvania, Bryn Mawr Pediatrics has been serving its community since the 1920s. Throughout the years, it has always been proud to be a small, personal practice where the providers know each child and family well. With three pediatricians and a small staff, Bryn Mawr Pediatrics cares for children from birth through college age.

Adopting New Technology

In recent years, Bryn Mawr Pediatrics realized that by using paper charts and outsourcing their billing, they had no access to real-time data. They knew they needed to make changes, but the thought of switching to an electronic health record system and taking billing in-house felt like a daunting project to take on.

Thanks to Office Practicum’s pediatric EHR, practice management, and outsourced pediatric billing, Bryn Mawr Pediatrics found an all-in-one pediatric-specific solution for its business needs. “Office Practicum is engaged, open to suggestions, and keeps up with all of the changes with coding and regulations,” said Dr. Karla Swatski, one of Bryn Mawr Pediatrics’ three providers.

During this transition, the practice also experienced significant staff turnover. “The OP RCM team was unbelievably helpful to us. They were there to assist in training our new staff to work with their billing team while helping us continue seeing patients – with no billing downtime. They continue to support us and respond quickly to any concerns,” commented Dr. Swatski. 

Improving Clinic Workflow

Bryn Mawr Pediatrics has become more efficient with patient care because of the templates, surveys, and patient education handouts available through OP.

“The templates out of the box are great,” Dr. Swatski shared. “For example, if I want to do a nebulizer treatment, the template is there. I write ‘neb’ in the box, the orders go in, and codes drop to the superbill. In fact, it has helped us ensure all of our codes for that specific item are being utilized, like coding for pre- and post-pulse ox and nebulizer teaching if it is performed. I did not have to do the work of setting up that template or many others. They were already there, and we just tweaked them.”

In addition, Dr. Swatski and the Bryn Mawr team have benefited from OP’s vaccine management system, which provides record functionality and vaccine forecasting for ordering. “I can see at-a-glance what I have in my fridge and what we need,” she noted. “The system predicts usage needs based on patient demographics and our schedule, and it sends a message if the patient doesn’t need something we are ordering.”

Embracing Outsourced Billing for a Financially Stable Future

The Bryn Mawr Pediatrics team has been extremely satisfied with improvements in its billing practices, thanks to data available through OP RCM. Dr. Swatski pointed out how valuable it is to have the guidance of an OP Account Manager, especially when looking at AR and learning about upcoming changes in CPT rules.

“Our OP Account Manager  suggested we increase our fees, showed us our coding distribution, and how we compare to other practices for code distribution,” Dr. Swatski explained. “We saw that we increased our well visits over last year’s fourth quarter by 200. As a very small practice, this is great for us.”

Since partnering with OP and implementing its EHR and RCM systems, Bryn Mawr Pediatric has been able to keep its focus on providing highly personalized care to its young patients and supporting their families. They can continue this hands-on approach, all while remaining financially successful.


Improve patient care and vaccine management while addressing billing inefficiencies


Transition to OP’s pediatric-specific EHR and billing solution

Results with OP

  • Provide personalized patient care 
  • Ability to manage and forecast vaccines
  • Increase in well visits
We love OP. It is set up for the pediatrician. This is not just an EHR but a connection with some of the smartest people who practice pediatrics and run practices. It is helping us transform and improve our practice.

Dr. Karla Swatski Provider at Bryn Mawr Pediatrics

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