Improve practice workflow efficiency to decrease gaps in patient care and increase overall annual revenue to sustain a thriving pediatric practice.


OP Demographic Analysis and Recall report showed gaps in care for patients who were overdue for well visits and immunizations. Gathering this data, allowed the practice to quickly identify patients for recalls.

Results with OP

By using the integrated reports within OP, Dawson brought in an additional revenue of $64,000 and was able to see up to 2,500 more patients a year. The practice projects a $250,000 boost in annual revenue using the demographic analysis data.

With the help of OP, we customized our scheduling templates in a manner that will ultimately allow us to see 2,500 more patients a year.

Alisa Vaughn CMPE Practice Administrator at Dawson Pediatrics

Transforming Practice Revenue Outlook With the Right EHR

Dawson Pediatrics Improves Workflow Efficiency and Projects $250,000 Increase in Revenue with OP

Dawson Pediatrics is a level three National Committee for Quality Assurance (NCQA) medical home that uses OP to provide their physicians and patients with a pediatric-specific EHR experience. The practice, led by Dr. Carmina Babao, along with five other clinical providers and 25 staff members, delivers pediatric care to a largely underserved population located 45 minutes north of Atlanta.

A Changing Landscape

When Practice Administrator Alisa Vaughn arrived at Dawson Pediatrics, she entered an environment that was upbeat and happy, with a passion for helping children. However, the practice was beginning to face challenges as the healthcare landscape shifted to value-based care. Along with dealing with the typical business pressures that come with running a private practice, the physicians had to adjust protocols to comply with the new requirements set by payers to improve quality.

“Together, the entire team talked through our strengths and weaknesses and identified opportunities for growth,” said Vaughn. “After this assessment, we determined that in order to become a more thriving and healthy practice, we needed to decrease gaps in care and increase our overall annual revenue.”

Optimizing Efficiencies

As an OP customer, the practice did not need to invest in any new technology or hardware to overcome these challenges. They simply needed to optimize their use of the tools found within OP. For instance, OP Demographic Analysis and Recall reporting function allowed Alisa to easily uncover “low hanging fruit” patients that needed wellness checks.

“As a practice, we were being measured by our insurance companies on the quantity of well visits, and it was clear that we had a lot of patients that were overdue,” said Vaughn. “Instead of having to search through patient records manually, OP’s recall function allowed me to quickly identify the patients that needed to be seen, and begin outreach to parents without any delay.” This painless effort helped Dawson Pediatrics bring in an additional $64,000 in revenue, and ensured hundreds of children were receiving the preventative care they needed. The team however, wanted to do more. “Once we decreased our initial gaps in care, organized our administrative processes and figured out a better way to serve each other and our patients, we were ready to take our workflow efficiencies to the next level,” said Vaughn. “By optimizing our schedule template through OP, we were able to see 2,500 more patients a year – for a total of more than 22,000 visits annually.”

A Thriving Practice with Flourishing Children

After Dawson did an extrapolation of revenue per visit, they realized they had the potential to add up to a quarter of a million dollars in revenue – simply by using OP to become more efficient with their scheduling, ensuring parents and patients knew when they needed to come in.

“We’ve definitely noticed an increase in patient engagement levels since optimizing our practice with OP,” said Vaughn. “Our patients are coming in more, and their parents have a better understanding of their child’s care and what’s involved.”

To Dawson Pediatrics, OP is more than just an EHR that keeps track of patient medical records. It’s a solution that’s helped improve the overall value of the practice as well as an enhanced quality of care they’re able to provide their pediatric patients.

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