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When it comes to your pediatric practice’s EHR,


OP’s EHR solution was designed by pediatricians for pediatricians so it thinks like you do. It’s not an adult-based EHR pretending to be pediatric-specific. Let’s simply say that Office Practicum is the real deal. There is a difference.

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Whether you’re actively looking for a partner in your pediatric success or simply curious about the benefits of a pediatric-specific EHR, schedule a test drive of Office Practicum today.

Here’s why 97% of pediatricians stay with OP:

Pediatric-Specific Templates & Customization

  • Integrates AAP Bright Futures(™) templates, surveys, education & developmental milestones
  • Has over 200 preloaded and fully customizable pediatric-specific sick visit templates
  • Allows the combination and customization of templates as well as multiple diagnoses
  • Automatically applies the -25 modifier when documenting a sick visit during a well visit
  • Creates school and camp forms from patient data with one touch
  • Includes over 30 pediatric-specific surveys including M-CHAT, Vanderbilt and CHADIS integration

Vaccine Management

  • Creates a recall list of patients overdue for an immunization
  • Issues alerts for overdue vaccinations
  • Provides patient-specific vaccine forecasting visible to the front desk and clinicians
  • Alerts users if a vaccine is ordered, but not indicated in the immunization forecast
  • Consists of up-to-date ACIP immunization forecasting and recall capabilities
  • Streamlines inventory and administration of VFC & private lots with 2D barcode scanning
  • Includes interoperability with state immunization registries, as well as regional and national labs

Growth Charts

  • Includes AAP recommended WHO/CDC hybrid growth charts
  • Provides Down Syndrome and preemie growth curves
  • Measures abnormal vitals based on Harriett Lane guidelines
  • Allows measurements and charts to be printed on one page or delivered directly to the portal
  • Converts English and metric measurements with percentiles

Functionality that Supports Complex Family Structures

  • Defines financial, social and genetic families individually to support complex family structures
  • Ability to transfer patient balances and credits among financial families
  • Updates to contact information for one family member auto-populates for all family members
  • Links family history to genetic parents for all siblings
  • Allows for unlimited contact entries to support any family scenario
  • Ability to set individual elements of a chart as private at several levels
  • Limits parent access to records on the portal that have been marked as confidential


  • Includes integrated well visit recalls based on the AAP Periodicity Schedule
  • Customizes demographic recalls to meet your practice’s specific needs
  • Offers preloaded Pediatric Care Plans with item-specific recall capabilities
  • Provides instant quality reporting metrics for Meaningful Use and PCMH
  • Has detailed access to all database fields and tables for any reporting need
  • Allows for customizable and automated SQL reports

Network With Your Pediatric Peers

The OP Community is people. It’s thousands of pediatric practitioners, just like you. Exclusively available to OP clients, it proves that OP is so much more than a pediatric EHR.

There are incredible, meaningful conversations happening right now among thousands of pediatricians, office managers and practice administrators.  OP’s pediatric community members are both mentors and students at once, asking questions and sharing answers, improving their own practice’s clinical and financial outcomes, and creating a powerful voice for independent pediatric practices across the country. Collaborate without competition, and acheive more together.

Ready to see how your pediatric peers are helping their practices thrive?  Request a quick demo consultation:

“Since we started with Office Practicum, our revenues have increased over 20%.”

Tim Flatt – Pediatrics East

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