Prepare Your Practice for Tomorrow

Ensure your practice is fully-equipped to adapt to the ever-changing healthcare environment.
Power your pediatric practice with a complete software solution.

Electronic Health Record
Decrease documentation time and enhance quality of care.

Reduce time spent on charting encounters and documenting visits so you can spend more time providing quality care to your patients.

Practice Management
Manage daily operations with ease.

Effectively manage visits, coordinate care and health records from various sources, and manage your practice’s schedule, resources, and bottom line.

Vaccine Management
Improve vaccine cash flow and vaccination rates.

Eliminate the possibility of missing an opportunity to vaccinate and feel confident in your inventory management and forecasting.

Billing Service
Reach your financial goals, and reach them faster.

Address billing inefficiencies, gain complete practice insights and visibility, and increase total payments by 9%, all while reducing administrative burdens.

Business Analytics
Understand more and make better decisions faster.

Understand how your practice is performing with a tool that not only tracks your financial data but analyzes it for you too.

Whether you’re actively searching for a new EHR or you’re simply curious about the benefits of a pediatric-specific solution, there’s no better time than right now to test drive OP. 

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