You want to be a champion for kidsthat supports kids from diapers to diplomas.To do that, you need adual-certified pediatric-specialty EHRdiscover op

A True Pediatric-Specialty EHR Platform

Our pediatric-specific expertise and solutions provide pediatric practices with the tools they need to achieve improved clinical, operational, and financial outcomes.


Imagine customized templates, better patient care, and vaccine workflows that don’t get in your way.


Imagine streamlined workflows that increase staff productivity and improve the patient experience.


Imagine increased revenue, better cash flow, higher payment per visit and a reduction in write-offs.

What It Means to Be Dual-Certified

Being the first pediatric-specialty EHR to receive Drummond’s Pediatric Health IT Certification with advanced achievement in six core areas is a testament to our commitment to building technology solutions uniquely for pediatric needs. As a pediatric-specialty EHR, everything we do is for the pediatric community. OP functions exclusively to support the care needs of kids – something we know is missing from generic EHRs.

The support we offer isn’t limited to our software functionality. We also know the complexity and nuances for pediatricians when it comes to sharing health data and maintaining an accessible central record of pertinent information and confidentiality. Meeting and exceeding ONC compliance as a certified EHR is one way we go the distance to support the providers who depend on us to stay on track with industry changes.

You deserve to get to your kid’s soccer game on time

We understand the frustrations pediatricians are facing are unprecedented. You want to regain control of your time without sacrificing patient care. With OP’s full pediatric EHR platform, you can do just that.

Here’s How We Do It

First, we build a plan specific to the unique needs of your practice.


Then, we provide easy-to-use pediatric-specific capabilities and workflows that span everything from growth charts and vaccine management to behavioral health tools.


Last, we empower you to get your life back so you can see more patients and spend less time on documentation.

Get a free demo of OP’s Pediatric-Specialty EHR

OP’s EHR and practice management platform has all the tools you need to run your pediatric practice. For an even more powerful experience, combine it with RCM, patient engagement and practice marketing services for all your business needs. 














“OP takes it to the next level. They say they’re pediatric-centric and they truly are.”

Dr. Pat Hynes, Prospect Pediatrics

OP makes my documentation much more complete and it improves the quality of care that I’m able to offer to my families.

Dr. Jeff Cooper, Cooper Pediatrics

On a scale of 1-10, I would rate Office Practicum at a 12.

Dr. George Rogu, RBK Pediatrics

“It increases our ability to make sure that patients are getting everything they need.

Dr. Parul Bawa, Springdale-Mason Pediatrics

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