Validating Insurance in OP

Do you want to boost patient satisfaction, improve cash flow, and minimize insurance denials? It might sound like a dream to do all these things with one action, but it’s possible if you recognize the importance of validating patients’ insurance — and do it well. With OP, validating a patient’s insurance is a simple, user-friendly feature that’s available from various points in the system. Read how here.

   Cigna Dental Insurance: How to Spot It and Process Claims Correctly

As your revenue cycle partner, we have noticed an increase in rejections. The reason? Using Cigna Dental insurance. Have you experienced these denials? If so, let’s look into what’s happening and how you can be proactive about this issue. Read more here.

   Announcing Two OP RCM Team Updates

We are excited to share with you two recent changes within our RCM department, that were effective September 1, 2021:

  • Mimi Ruggles, former RCM process improvement senior manager, has transitioned to an account manager role. Mimi will continue to work with many of your practices in an account management capacity.
  • Lisa Griffin, former account manager, is now in the RCM department serving as the process improvement senior manager.

Join us in welcoming Lisa to the RCM team and wishing Mimi and Lisa much success in their new roles at OP.

   OP RCM Spotlight

Team Member: Christina Oliva, CPB
Contact Information:
Current Role: RCM Training Specialist
Experience: Christina began her RCM career in New York during high school. She moved to Florida and worked in Cardiology UM for two years before transitioning to a multi-specialty practice. While there, she earned her billing certification and became involved in the full revenue cycle of the practice. When the company switched EMR software, Christina served on the implementation team and educated providers and staff. In addition, Christina has been an accounts receivable manager, a role that meant she was responsible for the successful RCM of practices and the distribution of knowledge releases from insurance companies and government agencies.

Now, at OP, Christina is ready to share her knowledge and become an integral part of this thriving company and its valuable mission. Christina understands that keeping up with the ever-changing world of medical billing can be challenging. She will ensure that you and your pediatric practice team members are up to date on changes. But her expertise doesn’t stop there — she’ll also help you understand the details of changes and how to incorporate them into your daily workflows. From webinars to one-on-one screen-share meetings, no matter your learning style, Christina is available to assist you.
Fun Fact: “I was given a guitar for Christmas and am learning how to play it. Keep an eye out for me on “America’s Got Talent” in 2030.”

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