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The exclusive OP Community connects you with thousands of professionals in pediatrics where business ideas are shared and strategies exchanged.

“The OP Community is a wonderful, engaging group with a family-feel. Everybody wants everybody to succeed. Together we are stronger. Together we achieve more. It allows us to outperform the market. The OP Community is collaboration without competition.”

There are incredible, meaningful conversations happening right now among thousands of pediatricians, office managers and practice administrators.  OP’s pediatric community members are both mentors and students at once, asking questions and sharing answers, improving their own practice’s clinical and financial outcomes, and creating a powerful voice for independent pediatric practices across the country.

It’s the power of people.  This is OP.  Ready to join the conversation?

“I can put out questions to the community, and other providers have already solved this problem. Or they will have an issue that I have solved. Or they may need a specific role for a template, and I have that template to share.”

– Dr. Jeffery Cooper, Cooper Pediatrics, OP Client

“The OP community assists my practice by helping us recognize the nuances of things that we can do better, and gives us ideas on things that we never even thought about looking at or analyzing for our own practice.”

– Kateri Haskett, Pediatric Associates, OP Client

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“…the OP community helps you solve problems. Some of our doctors have even visited other practices to learn and see how they were doing things differently. We continue to get help on just about any topic…”

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