Think your current EHR meets your pediatric practice’s needs? Think again.


We know generic EHRs won’t meet your needs. We have the pediatric-specific support you need for clinical efficiency, operational strength, and financial management – all built with pediatric practices in mind.

Pediatric-specific Tools

Our built-in workflows were created specifically for treating kids with tools like vaccine management, growth charts and vitals, pediatric care plans and even behavioral health tools.

Pediatric Certifications

Our pediatric health IT and ONC certifications have set the bar for pediatric excellence. They are a true testament of how OP goes the distance to support the providers who depend on us to stay on track with industry change.

Pediatric Community

Our nationwide community brings together thousands of pediatric practice specialists who know what a day in the life of a pediatric professional looks like.

Give a listen to Dr. Eric Tyler of Pediatric Associates of Alexander City as he simplifies how success depends on having the right tool.

It’s amazing when you get something that is actually designed to do its job, how effective it is.

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The bottom line is this: we do what generic EHRs can’t.

Don’t believe us? See the OP Difference.

The results OP clients experience

Increased Practice Revenue

  • Increase total payments by 9% by partnering with our pediatric-specific billing specialists
  • Add telemedicine to your practice’s toolkit – virtual visits tend to be shorter, which helps you become more efficient, fill your schedule, and achieve more revenue
  • Integrated well visit recalls based on the AAP Periodicity Schedule
  • Automatically apply the -25 modifier when documenting a sick visit during a well visit
  • Uncover inefficiencies in your billing workflow

Innovations in Virtual Care

OP’s innovations help you adapt to the ever-changing pediatric healthcare environment.

  • Curbside Arrival – Our curbside arrival feature allows parents/patients to notify the office when they have arrived for their appointment, and are alerted when ready to be seen, all from the safety of their own car.
  • Fully Integrated HIPAA Compliant Telemedicine – In order to provide our clients with HIPAA compliant telehealth immediately, we partnered with the only pediatric-specific telemedicine solution. We also devised symptom and diagnosis template packages so that clients would have these readily available as they instituted telemedicine.
  • Self-Registration and Live Scheduling – To give your community the ability to self-register as a patient, as well as the ability to self-schedule for your flu clinics, we updated our patient portal to allow for self-registration and live scheduling.

Decreased Documentation Time

  • Access to over 200 fully customizable pediatric-specific sick/well visit templates, including telemedicine-specific templates
  • Ability to create and customize all forms (including school and camp forms) and reports (state VFC reports, auditing reports, P4P reports/QI) pulling in patient data with one-touch
  • Ability to define financial, social, and genetic families to support complex family structures

Improved Vaccine Cash Flow

  • Streamline inventory and administration of VFC & private lots with 2D barcode scanning
  • Up-to-date ACIP immunization forecasting and recall capabilities
  • Create a recall list of patients overdue for an immunization

Enhanced Quality of Pediatric Patient Care

  • Use AAP recommended WHO/CDC hybrid growth charts
  • Automatically calculate BMI, add to claim, and attach the appropriate BMI ICD code to well visit notes
  • Measure abnormal vitals based on 2017 Blood Pressure guideline adherence
  • Manage the care of patients with chronic conditions with preloaded Pediatric Care Plans with item-specific recall capabilities

Large Network of Pediatric Peers

More than just an EHR, OP is a community. Right now, thousands of pediatricians, office managers, and practice administrators are having incredible, meaningful conversations.

OP’s pediatric community members are both mentors and students at once, asking questions and sharing answers, improving their own practice’s clinical and financial outcomes, and creating a powerful voice for independent pediatric practices across the country. Collaborate without competition, and achieve more together.