Patient Engagement

Expand your practice walls

OP provides a suite of services that save your practice time and money, enhance the patient and parent experience, and increase patient and staff satisfaction.

The OP Patient Portal is a feature-packed resource that expands the benefits of OP beyond your office walls. It saves your practice valuable time and money – by linking patients securely and directly with the information they need, while enhancing patient communications and payment processing.

Parent Benefits

  • Make online payments (with select clearinghouses)
  • Register new patients
  • Send prescription refill requests
  • Submit school and camp form requests
  • Schedule flu clinic appointments

Practice Benefits

  • Post lab results online
  • Place immunization records, allergy lists, and asthma action plans on the portal for easy access
  • Allow your triage nurse to answer non-urgent messages during natural office down time

The portal is certified for Meaningful Use, so you can feel confident knowing you are meeting your reporting requirements.

The Patient Message eXchange allows you to contact groups of patients, with customized bulk messages, through a variety of communication channels.


  • Send general announcements and email broadcasts regarding schedule changes, office closures, lab results, and flu clinics
  • Recall patients for overdue well visits and other care plan items
  • Send appointment reminders and receive automatic confirmations into OP

Seamlessly built into OP, all you have to do is activate it!

OP Mobile gives you access to our popular EHR features on your iPhone® or iPad® – anywhere you are. Babies get sick at two o’clock in the morning and ear infections don’t take weekends off. Start accessing your patient records outside of routine office hours with the OP mobile app.


  • Write messages on call, or dictate them using Siri
  • Take photos, or attach pictures to encounter notes – conveniently documenting conditions
  • View schedules, so you can quickly reference your upcoming appointments
  • Access key clinical lists such as problems, allergies and medication lists wherever you are

The OP Mobile app is free to download at The App Store℠, but you must own the OP Patient Portal to pair your device.