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Office Practicum and Phreesia Partner to Offer Seamlessly Integrated Patient Intake to Pediatric Practices

Fort Washington, Pa., and Raleigh, N.C. – Dec. 10, 2020

Office Practicum (OP), a leading provider of pediatric-specific EHR, practice management and revenue cycle management solutions, and Phreesia, the nation’s leading patient intake management platform, are pleased to announce that they have partnered to offer robust, bidirectional integration between their systems, helping pediatric groups improve operations and create the healthcare experience that parents and families want. 

“This partnership is great news for independent pediatric practices of all sizes that will now have access to best-in-class pediatric-specific EHR and patient intake management solutions that integrate seamlessly with one another,” said Bethany Williams, OP’s SVP of Product. “OP is committed to providing our current and future clients with the tools they need to improve their family and patient experiences. We’re thrilled to be partnering with Phreesia to further these efforts and look forward to working together to improve the lives of pediatricians and the millions of children and families they serve.” 

The new Phreesia-OP integration will enable pediatric practices to capture demographic, financial, clinical and social data directly from patients during the intake process and save it in OP’s pediatric PM/EHR. Additionally, OP practices can leverage Phreesia’s various intake workflows to meet patients and their families where they are and provide a safe, convenient experience, whether they’re checking in from home, from their car or in the office. 

“We’re so pleased to be partnering with OP,” said Phreesia CEO Chaim Indig. “Like Phreesia, they’re a mission-driven organization that is committed to helping pediatric groups deliver high-quality care and engaging healthcare experiences. We’re looking forward to working together to benefit practices and their patients.” 


Office Practicum is a leading provider of pediatric-specific solutions. Our EHR, PM system, and revenue cycle management services help pediatric practices improve clinical and financial outcomes. For more information, visit www.officepracticum.com.


Phreesia gives healthcare organizations a suite of robust applications to manage the patient intake process. Our innovative SaaS platform engages patients in their care and provides a modern, convenient experience, while enabling our clients to optimize their staffing, boost profitability and enhance clinical care. To learn how Phreesia can give you the capacity for more, visit phreesia.com.

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Office Practicum Announces Integration of Anytime Pediatrics Telehealth Capabilities within EHR

Two innovative leaders in the pediatric industry, Office Practicum and Anytime Pediatrics, have joined together to offer an integrated solution that will allow pediatric practices to continue delivering high-quality care through telemedicine.

Fort Washington, PA (PRWEB) September 23, 2020

Office Practicum provides electronic health record (EHR) and billing solutions, while Anytime Pediatrics is a telehealth platform. Both companies focus completely on pediatrics and are dedicated to improving clinical and financial outcomes for this community.

The COVID-19 pandemic has caused a substantial increase in pediatric telehealth appointments across the country. But telemedicine is not meant only for times of crisis. It’s now an integral part of pediatric practices’ care offerings. Ninety percent of independent pediatric practices are planning for ongoing telehealth use post-pandemic.

Pediatric patients and their parents will continue to expect care delivered through telehealth for multiple reasons, including safety, convenience, and value. With this new union, the two companies have further solidified their commitment to the practices they serve by providing integration of OP’s EHR with Anytime Pediatrics’ telehealth solution.

“If practices don’t find a way to continue delivering this technology, families will find another venue to access these services,” said OP Medical Director Susan Kressly, M.D. “Innovative practices that look for ways to meet their families where they are will position themselves for continued success. Success will depend on sustainable workflows that include a clear vision of telehealth practice offerings. In addition, a solution that integrates the telehealth platform with the EHR is important for streamlined care delivery.”

Thanks to the single sign-on feature, pediatricians and their staff members will be able to easily and directly access the Anytime Pediatrics telehealth functionality from within OP’s EHR. Another time-saving component of the integration is streamlined appointment scheduling, meaning the demographic and scheduled appointment information is sent automatically from OP to Anytime Pediatrics. This eliminates the need to schedule visits in both platforms and results in sustainable workflows that increase productivity and clinical outcomes.

“As a fairly new pediatric company, we are ecstatic to not only partner with OP, but also integrate our product with their solution,” said Mick Connors, M.D., CEO of Anytime Pediatrics. “Our two companies are so aligned philosophically that aligning our technology made a great deal of sense. Our combined solution will be an amazing differentiator for pediatricians seeking to stay connected with their patients in every way and to do so seamlessly.”

Anytime Pediatrics is HIPAA-compliant, which is critically important for care delivery beyond the public health emergency. Some of the platform’s highlights include a virtual waiting room where staff can interact with patients in the same way they might in their offices and the ability for parents to securely upload photos, which can aid in visual diagnosis.

In addition, Anytime Pediatrics allows practices to customize their telemedicine workflows based on unique needs. Most practices start with pre-scheduled visits and consultations during normal business hours and later expand virtual care offerings for after-hours and walk-in appointments.

Both companies are excited about this new partnership because they know it will allow pediatric practices across the country to provide the care their patients need — now and well into the future.

About Office Practicum:
Office Practicum is a leading provider of pediatric-specific solutions. Our EHR, PM system, and revenue cycle management services help pediatric practices improve clinical and financial outcomes. For more information, visit www.officepracticum.com.

Office Practicum Provides Innovative Tools to Help Pediatric Practices Remain Successful During COVID-19 Pandemic

During the COVID-19 pandemic, Office Practicum (OP) has acted quickly to make sure independent pediatric practices stay successful. An innovative provider of pediatric-specific EHR and billing solutions, Office Practicum understands that pediatric patients and their families are anxious about visiting doctors’ offices for appointments.

As the pandemic continues, practices are looking for ways to support social distancing measures, while still providing high-quality, HIPAA-compliant care. To respond to pediatricians’ operational and financial challenges during this public health crisis, OP has developed and launched several new features and tools.

One is Curbside Arrival, which allows patients’ parents to send a text message announcing their arrival and pay their copay, from their cars. Patients are able to wait in their vehicles until an exam room is available, eliminating having patients in the waiting room.

OP released this new functionality within days of learning that pediatricians needed a “direct-to-room” option. Ron Emerick, D.O., of Little Pine Pediatrics in northwest Florida, expressed his appreciation for Curbside Arrival.

“I had discussed this with several app companies in the past few years to try and get a solution like this, but having it integrated into OP is beyond perfect,” Dr. Emerick said. “This will be an immensely valuable tool even after COVID-19 is long gone. I appreciate OP for continuing to innovate and meet the needs of our practices during these difficult times.”

With stay-at-home orders in effect all over the country, pediatric patient visits have decreased. Some of that is due to fewer injuries and less illness, but another factor is parental fear of attending in-person well visits, out of concern that visiting the doctor with an otherwise well child might lead to illness.

Some physicians immediately began offering virtual sick visits, but telehealth well visits were not an option. However, on April 15, the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) released guidelines for conducting safe and effective virtual well visits.

“This was a huge game-changer for our practices to refill their schedules, avoid care gaps, and keep enough revenue flowing until daily life starts returning to normal,” said Office Practicum CEO Kraig Brown.

OP already had a strong partnership with the only pediatric-specific telehealth solution, Anytime Pediatrics, which made onboarding additional clients quick and easy. OP’s Medical Director Susan Kressly, MD, FAAP, also created symptom and diagnosis template packages, so physicians had these readily available as they implemented telehealth. Within hours of the AAP’s well visit telehealth guidelines, OP was poised to release age-specific well visit templates, and the software team made sure the telehealth features had codes available for billing purposes.

“We are so incredibly proud of our product and development teams who have worked around the clock to enhance billing and chat features as well as put out templates for telehealth and well visits,” said Bethany Williams, Senior Vice President of Product at OP. “We know physicians are putting their lives on the line every day to treat millions of pediatric patients across the U.S., and it’s amazing to see our teams supporting doctors out in the field.”

In addition, OP has created the following resources and tools in response to COVID-19.

  • Billing relief packages — Many pediatric practices have billers who cannot report to the office. Since bills still need to go out, OP is providing short- and long-term solutions. This allows practices to focus all their time on patient care.
  • Complimentary training sessions for clients — Designed to help practices navigate their new normal, session topics include the importance of providing telehealth well visits, how best to implement virtual care, and innovative ways to generate revenue and collect outstanding balances.
  • Financial plans and checklists for practices — Created by physicians and former practice administrators, these tools include the key items every practice should focus on to help their business financially during the COVID-19 crisis.

Even after the pandemic ends, OP’s new features will still benefit pediatric practices as they navigate the new normal. Some of the advantages include a reduction in no-shows and cancellations, successful competition with retail clinics, the ability to see more patients, and streamlined operations.

About Office Practicum:

Office Practicum is a leading provider of pediatric-specific solutions. Our EHR, PM system, and revenue cycle management services help pediatric practices improve clinical and financial outcomes. For more information, visit www.officepracticum.com.

Office Practicum Adds Seasoned Healthcare Leaders to Executive Team

Industry veterans to manage company’s development of products focused on the whole child

Fort Washington, PA (PRWEB) February 4, 2020

Office Practicum, a leading provider of pediatric-specific EHR, practice management, and revenue cycle management solutions, welcomed two healthcare industry veterans to its executive team. Bethany Williams, Senior Vice President of Product, and Alan Horton, Chief Technology Officer, will be responsible for creating products and quality solutions that focus on both a child’s physical and mental health.

Greg Anderson, founder of Office Practicum and Chairman of the Board, will move from his day- to-day position as CTO and focus his attention on key client relationships and product innovation. 

“I am eager to round out the executive team, which will enable OP to continue equipping current and future clients with groundbreaking solutions that address all aspects of a child’s health,” said Kraig Brown, Chief Executive Officer of Office Practicum. “Bethany and Alan bring a combined 50 years of experience to OP and will contribute to this exciting time as we strive to innovate healthcare.”

A seasoned healthcare IT executive, Williams is a results-oriented avid intrapreneur, product and business developer, and healthcare strategist. She is known for her insightful and unique abilities to build products and considerably expand market share. By working as a catalyst for change in organizations, Williams sparks new direction and positive change.

Prior to joining OP, Williams served as VP of Product Strategy at Wayster, formerly ZirMed. Before that, she worked with PWC, Perot Systems, IDX Systems Corporation, and Sharp Healthcare. Williams served on the Board of Directors for the North Texas American College of Healthcare Executives (ACHE) for five years and is a member of the Women Leading Business (WBL) national leadership organization.

“It’s an honor to be working with an amazing team of professionals who are dedicated to helping independent pediatricians thrive,” Williams shared. “This is going to be an incredible journey as we move towards treating not only a child’s physical needs, but behavioral and emotional ones as well.”

Alan Horton is a proven technology leader and strategic visionary who is known for cultivating high-performing teams, crystallizing ideas into action plans, and developing innovative SaaS-based products for healthcare and financial services markets. In addition, he holds a U.S. patent for using big data technologies for healthcare master data management.

Horton’s previous leadership experience includes his role as CTO of GSI Health, a population health management SaaS company, where he provided the vision and leadership for their technology platform and engineering teams. Throughout his career, Horton has served at several other high-tech companies, including Frontline Technologies, Health Market Science, and Shared Medical Systems.

“I am passionate about improving people’s lives by making it easier for healthcare professionals to serve their patients, and turning ideas into true business results,” Horton said. “I am excited to work with the talented team at Office Practicum as we continue to focus on the success of our employees, pediatric practices, and vendor partners.”  

About Office Practicum:
Office Practicum is a leading provider of pediatric-specific solutions. Our EHR, PM system, and revenue cycle management services help pediatric practices improve clinical and financial outcomes. For more information, visit www.officepracticum.com.

Office Practicum Positions Itself for Future Growth

Executive-level changes are part of the company’s continued effort to better serve independent pediatric practices

Fort Washington, PA (PRWEB) June 4, 2019

Office Practicum, a leading provider of pediatric-specific EHR, practice management, and revenue cycle management solutions, announced changes to the executive team, which will better position the company to help independent pediatric practices thrive while maintaining their independence. Effective immediately, Kraig Brown, OP’s former Chief Operations Officer and healthcare IT industry veteran, will become the company’s newest Chief Executive Officer. Greg Anderson, the company’s co-founder, and outgoing CEO, will remain on OP’s executive team as Chief Technology Officer. He will also maintain his position as Chairman of the Board.

“Over 20 years ago a forward-thinking pediatrician had a vision for how to use technology to improve clinical and financial outcomes for pediatric practices. Office Practicum was born. I was privileged to join that dream in 2004 and help it grow into a profitable $30 million dollar enterprise serving 4,000 providers,” said Greg Anderson. “Now, I am thrilled to return to my product development roots and focus solely on creating innovative products to meet our clients’ growing needs, while Kraig Brown focuses his considerable talents and experience on maturing the business as our growth continues unabated.”

“I’m honored to be at the helm of Office Practicum as we begin the next chapter in our company’s history. As we look to the future, we know that we’re uniquely positioned to provide the products and services independent pediatric practices need to succeed in this ever-changing healthcare environment,” said Kraig Brown. “We have the right people in the right positions throughout the organization to ensure success for our current and future clients, employees, shareholders, and partners.”

“Pamlico is excited to support Office Practicum in its next phase of expansion,” said Scott Glass, Principal at Pamlico Capital. “The company is primed and ready to grow and scale its pediatric-specific product offerings. We look forward to our continued partnership.”

About Office Practicum:
Office Practicum is a leading provider of pediatric-specific solutions. Our EHR, PM system, and revenue cycle management services help pediatric practices improve clinical and financial outcomes. For more information, visit www.officepracticum.com.