A pediatric EHR built for clinical efficiency

Our time-saving documentation, visit features and seamless access to pediatric resources and screening tools in our pediatric EHR help you see more patients and get home in time for dinner!

Get the pediatric EHR features you need to be clinically efficient

Stop wasting time with a generic EHR that wasn’t built for pediatric-specialty clinical efficiency. Time is precious in a pediatric practice and if you don’t have the right tools to support your care delivery efforts, you are selling yourself short. Take back control of your life with a pediatric EHR platform built for independent pediatric practices like yours with all the features you need for success.


Vaccine Management

Eliminate the manual work of tracking lot numbers on spreadsheets and transform vaccines from being a source of stress into a profit-center with OP and VacLogic+.

Visit Templates

Having integrated pediatric-specific templates for well, sick, telehealth, and behavioral health appointments makes it easier to chart and bill for patient visits.

Growth Charts & Vitals

By tracking a child’s growth and development over time, pediatric healthcare providers can identify potential health problems early and take appropriate action.

Patient Recalls

Recalls can become your practice’s clinical (and financial) superpower – but only if you have the right tools to get you the reporting you need while streamlining the process.

Mental Health Tools

In addition to the over 200 sick & well visit templates, OP includes a package of over two dozen behavioral health-focused templates right out of the box.

Care Plans

OP's care and asthma action plans are curated and templated by pediatricians, for pediatricians, so you can be confident that your patients receive the complete and attentive care they deserve.

Teen Privacy & Adolescent Family Support

Teenagers value their privacy. So it only makes sense that for adolescents and teens to feel comfortable coming to you for confidential medical care, they need to feel safe and protected. Using a pediatric-specialty EHR like OP helps you navigate and honor teen privacy protection.

Learn how our pediatric EHR can make your pediatric practice more clinically efficient.