Practice Analytics 

Reports. You might love them or hate them, but they’re essential for understanding your practice’s financial health and productivity. However, reports are static and only provide results based on the specific criteria you choose. With OP’s Practice Analytics solution, your everyday “reports” are taken to a whole new level.

Better for your business

If you made a list of the reasons you became a pediatrician, we doubt “loving reports” or “running a business” would be on it. You did it to help kids. Yet, here you are, trying to figure out which report to run to find some obscure piece of data in a report, unsure how you’ll even use it.

Introducing Practice Analytics— a comprehensive solution of reports and dashboards that puts meaningful data right at your fingertips. No more building, running, and deciphering complex reports. OP’s Practice Analytics saves you time and provides clear insights to help you make crucial decisions for your practice. Get increased visibility and a better understanding of your practice’s overall health.

More than “just reports”

Sure, financial reports are essential. But are you truly measuring your practice’s success? Can you dive deep into the details to uncover hidden trends, patterns, and opportunities – both financially and operationally?

Practice Analytics gives you actionable data through a user-friendly interface, allowing you to track key performance indicators (KPIs) aligned with industry standards like those endorsed by the Medical Group Management Association (MGMA). Here’s what you’ll get with OP’s Practice Analytics solution:

A visual summary section displayed at the top of each report gives you high level insights at a glance.

Accommodation of large datasets, so you’ll see up to a million rows of data without lag or the risk of timing out.

Reports that are intuitively grouped together, making it easy to find what you need when you need it.

Report parameters built by your team so you can easily bookmark your go-to reports for reuse.

Options are everything

OP’s Practice Analytics offers two powerful solutions for your practice:

Standard Reporting (Included for all OP Users)

Get the essential reports you need to simplify your daily practice management. This free offering covers your basic reporting needs.

Next-Level Insights (Premium Upgrade)

Once you experience the power of our standard reports, unlock deeper insights into your practice data. Discover hidden trends and patterns within the information you already have, all within the OP platform.

Check out the fullness of OP’s Practice Analytics offering here >>>.

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