Automated School, Sport, & Camp Forms

Pediatric practices are required to complete patient forms, such as those required for children to participate in school, sports, and summer camp activities. It can be a very cumbersome task if you don’t have a pediatric-friendly EHR to help you with all that “paperwork”.

Yes, there really is an easier way to fill out all of those school, sport, and camp forms!

At OP, we’ve taken the tedious process of filling out school, sports, and camp forms and automated every aspect of it. You don’t have to waste countless hours filling out forms that should take less than 10 seconds to complete. That’s right! In the blink of an eye, you can autofill a form directly from a patient chart, sign it, and send it back via the patient portal, where families have 24/7 access to the information. No paper, no pens, no White-Out, and no stamps.

Here’s how OP makes it easy

Did you know?

OP has a comprehensive list of more than 200 automated state and national school, sport, and camp forms already developed and ready for use.

School and camp form requests can be made by parents and caregivers via the patient portal. With one click from a patient chart, detailed information will automatically fill out clinical components like vaccines, vital signs, and physical exams. A completed form can be sent back to the parent on the portal so they have instant access to it. They don’t have to worry about another trip back to your office and you don’t have to worry about mailing it.

OP’s pediatric-specialty EHR removes the mundane tasks your front office staff and nurses spend completing patient forms by hand. If you aren’t doing your forms this way, you need to ask yourself why. Because we believe that there are more important things you should be doing with your time than shuffling stacks of paper and licking envelopes.

Seeing is believing!

Watch our blink-and-you-miss-it video showing you how easily the process of completing school, sport, and camp forms can be when you use OP’s pediatric-specialty EHR.

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