Client Success Stories

Hear how your peers at pediatric practices just like yours use OP to solve real world problems by using our pediatric-specific EHR solution. Explore our case studies to see how our clients have scaled their operations, increased productivity, and earned more revenue with OP.

Unlocking the Power of Online Reviews

Pediatric Associates’ overall star rating rises from 3.2 to 4.89 with RemedyConnect’s Review Builder

Building Trust with Your Patients Outside Your Practice Walls

Pediatric Healthcare Associates has a 16% increase in user engagement

The Power of Data in Patient Care and Practice Growth

OP’s DAR reporting functionality helps Pediatric Associates, PSC of Kentucky

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RCM Success:
A Three-Part Case Study

Good billing practices are the lifeline to financial viability of a pediatric practice.

Increase Practice Revenue with the Right EHR and RCM Service

You don’t have to sacrifice practice growth while meeting the demand of running your practice.

Partnering with OP RCM™ for Better Financial Health

Forest Hill Pediatrics experiences substantial financial impacts with OP revenue cycle management

OP RCM Helps Practice Increase Payment Per Visit by 13 Percent

Sacoto Pediatrics Provides High-Quality Care While Excelling Financially with OP RCM…

Minimizing Administrative Tasks and Increasing Patient Engagement with the OP Patient Portal

Complete Children’s Health Deepens Patient Engagement with OP’s Patient Portal…

Growing Your Practice with the Right EHR Solution

With OP, Tribeca Pediatrics Experiences Rapid Growth While Continuing to Provide Exceptional Personalized Care…

Improving Your Practice’s Overall Vaccination Rate

Meadowbrook Pediatrics Achieves 99% Vaccination Rate with OP…

Client Videos

Why a pediatric-specific EHR matters

Jessica Zeller, Certified Nurse Practitioner with Bright Oaks Pediatrics, talks about the challenges her practice faced while using an adult medicine-based EHR system. She goes on to talk about her transition to OP and how using a pediatric-specific EHR has improved overall operations at her practice.

RBK Pediatrics: EHR vendor consolidation

RBK Pediatrics Managing Physician, Dr. George Rogu, describes what his practice went through when his EHR vendor announced they were sunsetting their product. He describes the process of finding a new software platform, from research and decision making, to implementation and support with OP.

Prospect Pediatrics: Enterprise practice remains independent with OP

Dr. Patrick Hynes, Managing Physician at Prospect Pediatrics (Division of One Pediatrics), talks about how supportive OP was through their practice’s merger process, how leveraging the tools in OP helped them remain independent, and his overall experiences using OP as a provider.

Financial and clinical results achieved using VacLogic™

Several practices talk about the challenges they faced with vaccines, prior to using OP. Each practice speaks to the importance of vaccine tracking and forecasting, and how their workflow has changed since partnering with OP.

The pediatric features we can’t live without

Several pediatric practices talk about which OP features they love the most.

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