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See how pediatric practices just like yours use our pediatric-specialty EHR and Revenue Cycle Management, Patient Engagement, and Practice Marketing solutions to simplify their day-to-day, work more efficiently, scale their operations, increase productivity, and grow their practice.

Success Spotlight

How a Pediatric-Specialty EHR Can Be a Game-Changer for Independent Pediatric Practices

Featuring Etowah Pediatrics of Rainbow City, AL

To address the unique challenges of pediatrics, Etowah Pediatrics partnered with OP to boost efficiency and drive sustainable growth while keeping patient care a top priority.

Clinical & Operational

From Insights to Impact: The Power of Data in Patient Care and Practice Growth

Read how one pediatric practice leveraged OP’s reporting functionality to increase well visit appointments, boost patient vaccinations, and validate their decision to hire a new pediatrician to keep pace with their practice’s accelerated growth.

Featuring Pediatric Associates, PSC of Northern KY

Growing Your Practice with the Right EHR Solution

Partnering with OP’s pediatric-specific EHR, Tribeca Pediatrics expanded their practice to 18 locations throughout NY, NJ and CA. While increasing patient population by approximately 73%, Tribeca was still able to provide a personalized experience at each patient visit.

Featuring Tribeca Pediatrics, with locations in NY, NJ, and CA

Improving Your Practice’s Overall Vaccination Rate

With OP’s vaccine management and forecasting features, Meadowbrook improved their vaccination rate from 50% to 99%. They also increased their overall vaccine revenue by consistently reporting on inventory needs based on when patients were due for vaccines.

Featuring Meadowbrook Pediatrics, located in Meadowbrook, PA

Patient Engagement & Practice Marketing

Unlocking the Power of Online Reviews to Attract More Patient to Your Practice

Read how after just two weeks of launching Review Builder + SEO, Pediatric Associates’ overall star rating went from 3.2 to 4.89, now displaying them in the Top 3 for Google searches.

Featuring Pediatric Associates of Fairfield, OH

Websites Work: Building Trust with Your Patients Outside Your Practice Walls

Read how Pediatric Healthcare Associates saw a 16% increase in user engagement, boosted its SEO and findability with 3k backlinks, and now ranks on the first page in online searches for phrases like “pediatrician near me”.

Featuring Pediatric Healthcare Associates of Fairfield, CT

Minimizing Administrative Tasks and Increasing Patient Engagement with the OP Patient Portal

Read how one practice prioritized portal adoption to cut down on administrative tasks and call volumes, boost patient satisfaction, and streamline communications making their day-to-day activities way  more manageable.

Featuring Complete Children’s Health of Lincoln, NE

Financial & Revenue Cycle Management

Credentialing and Enrollments Made Easy: The Key to Faster Onboarding and Revenue

Read how the providers at Hometown Pediatrics were able to get credentialed across all of their payers within 90 days, shortening the turnaround time of their previous service by 50%.

Featuring Hometown Pediatrics of Joplin, MO

Partnering with OP RCM for Better Financial Health

Read how Forest Hill Pediatrics experienced a 23% increase in charges, a 25% increase in payments, and a 43% increase in average payment per visit since partnering with OP RCM.

Featuring Forest Hill Pediatrics of Forest Hill, MD

Increase Practice Revenue with the Right EHR and RCM Service

Read how Metro Pediatrics’ partnership with OP RCM has led to a 14% increase in payment per visit and how running recall reports has boosted their charges by 24%.

Featuring Metro Pediatrics of Birmingham, AL

OP RCM Helps Increase a Practice’s Payment Per Visit by 13%

Read how Sacoto Pediatrics saw a 13% increase in payment per visit and far exceeded the industry standard for days in A/R > 90 days with their older A/R at only 8.54%.

Featuring Sacoto Pediatrics of Falls Church, VA

RCM Success: A Three-Part Case Study

Read how 3 pediatric practices partnered with OP RCM to identify missed billing opportunities, increase payments and reduce days in A/R —  all while facing staffing challenges, lack of bandwidth,  and overbooked schedules.

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