Patient Engagement

There is a wide array of tools out there to help you connect with your patients anytime, anywhere – many that you may already be using. But how many of those tools were built specifically for pediatricians in mind? Our patient engagement services  are anything but ordinary – built for pediatric patients and providers with their unique needs in mind.

With our patient engagement services, you can be available for your patients even when “the doctor is out”.

Remedy OnCall: 24/7 Answering Services

Allows you to be there for your patients – whether you’re off the clock or eating a well-deserved lunch.

An answering service is a great way to manage after-hours calls when your practice is closed, but have you thought about all the calls that are missed over lunch breaks or during your busiest times of the day? Inaccessibility can cause a significant amount of frustration for parents, not to mention a potential loss of revenue for your practice.

The good news is, there’s an effortless way to manage all those calls. In addition to offering live agents and digital options through a secure, personalized answering service, Remedy OnCall lets you manage patient calls with our state-of-the-art medical paging system and secured messaging features.

Gain peace of mind, knowing we’ve handled over 1.2 million patient calls…and counting!

Check out our Lunch & Learn, Managing Patient Calls with Ease Using a 24/7 Answering Service.

Remedy Telehealth

Stay connected with your practice families – wherever they (and you) are. 

Now more than ever, your patients and their families want to feel connected, and offering telehealth is the perfect way to do that when an in-office appointment just doesn’t work. But not all telehealth services are created equal, and if you want to have a great “virtual visit”, you need to think about the platform you provide.

Remedy Telehealth is more than just another video conferencing service – it’s a HIPAA compliant virtual care platform that takes the latest in video conferencing and speech dictation technology.

Turn your after-hours calls into telehealth visits with built-in scheduling and payment processing and even customize registration forms and progress notes with the way you work.

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practice marketing

Learn how our pediatric-specific patient engagement tools are different from the rest.

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Strategies to Get You Started

Check out our guide, Essential Elements of the Perfect Patient Engagement Strategy, for ways to be engaged, accessible, and trusted in your community. With these simple strategies, you’ll stand out as the go-to pediatric practice in your area in no time!

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The good news is that you don’t need an MBA to go with your MD to master practice marketing!

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