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Our services and support extend well beyond our EHR

The OP Community was created to provide you with resources that will help maintain your practice independence and provide exceptional care for your families. OP gives you a place to network with colleagues, ask questions, and find solutions that benefit your practice and your patients.

You are going to learn a lot about all different aspects of the program from OP staff at the annual User Conference. But even more valuable are the relationships you can build with other users who will then be a resource to you for troubleshooting problems and learning to use OP in ways that fit your unique style of practice.
- Robert Stephens, MD with Cornerstone Pediatrics

Engaging with the OP Community is both fun, and effortless! We host an annual User Conference which brings OP practices together to share ideas and strategies that help navigate the challenges of the healthcare industry. We offer access to Provider and Practice Manager Listservs so you can connect with other OP practices throughout the country. Because we understand the importance of your voice being heard, we created a Pediatric Advisory Board. This board allows us to gather feedback about content and features, which helps us develop a more innovative product with a better end-user experience. At OP, we believe that as strong as we are individually, together we are stronger. Together, we achieve more.


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