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In a rapidly changing healthcare landscape, one thing remains constant — the OP Community. Even through uncertain times, our community stands strong, providing resources, encouragement, clinical advice, and business strategies to one another. Everyone at OP, from our Chief Medical Officer to our IT professionals, appreciates and understands the needs of independent pediatric practices, and we truly believe that we are better together.  Just as our clients are helping one another, we will continue to support and partner with you to meet your patient, community, and practice needs.

24/7/365 Online Support from Members of the OP Community

When you partner with OP, you become part of the OP Community— where pediatricians, pediatric executives, practice leaders, and advisory councils come together with the shared goal of helping each other solve challenges and celebrating each other’s success! A vital part of the OP community is 24/7/365 online accessibility to one another. Whether you have a product-specific question or want to understand how other practices handle issues, our online community is the “place” to be. There are incredible, meaningful conversations happening right now among thousands of pediatricians, office managers, and practice administrators from across the country.

Don’t just take our word for it. Hear about the benefits and value of being part of the OP Community.

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Being part of our community is just the icing on the cake. Hear more about what our customers experience and how OP makes their lives easier.

Give a listen to Dr. Eric Tyler as he simplifies how success depends on having the right tool.

“The OP Community assists my practice by helping us recognize the nuances of things that we can do better, and giving us ideas on things we never even thought about looking at.”