Patient Recalls

Patient recalls can become your practice’s clinical (and financial) superpower – but only if you have the right tools to get you the reporting you need while streamlining the process. OP’s Demographic Analysis and Recall Report empowers your staff, increases profitability, and ensures no child falls through the cracks.

There are so many reasons to recall patients

The reasons prompting patients to be recalled may vary, but it’s always important to be able to do so quickly and without complication. Here are some scenarios where you’d want to contact a specific group of patients to make sure they’re receiving the most comprehensive care possible. How would you currently handle each of these scenarios?

Vaccines approaching expiration

The end of the month is approaching, and you’re at risk of wasting a batch of DTaP vaccines to expiration. If you could identify patients that are due for the vaccine, you may be able to get them in for appointments before the lot expires. How do you find which kids to recall?

Decreased cash flow

Your billing manager did some research on ways to boost the practice’s finances and discovered that your well visit rates had enormous potential for improvement. Can your EHR help you determine which age group to target first?

Environmental impact on certain diagnostic groups

On your way to your practice in the morning, you get an alert on your phone for Poor Air Quality in your area and think that it may be a good idea to contact your asthmatic patients to make sure they have what they need. Which tools help you run your report?

Behavioral health needs

You and your clinical team decide to integrate behavioral health into the practice, hiring a psychiatrist and licensed clinical social worker. How do you report on children enrolled in different behavioral health care plans so they can be offered services first?

If you can’t answer the questions presented in each of these scenarios, how can you feel confident in your ability to recall patients into your office?

Here’s how we make patient recalls easy

OP gives you the power to deliver excellent care with precision, and promotes the idea that good clinical decisions can also be good business decisions via our Demographic Analysis and Recall Report (or DAR).

In 3 easy steps you’ll be able to:

  • Identify gaps in care for patients with overdue well visits or vaccinations
  • Create healthy campaigns for various groups of patients in your community
  • React quickly and effectively to local events like vaccine-preventable illness outbreaks


Build your patient list.


Select and run the recall.


Contact patients to schedule appointments.

… yes, it’s that easy!

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