Interoperability & Connectivity

Streamlining workflows within your practice walls or within the scope of your pediatric EHR is one thing. But, maintaining that consistency and efficiency beyond your practice? That’s quite another. OP seamlessly connects you with others who participate in the care of your patients by leveraging a suite of interoperability solutions.

Seamless connections to get patient information to and from your partners in care

 Immunization Registries

Make manual entries a thing of the past! With OP, you can electronically submit to any supported state’s immunization registry. If your state supports it, a new patient’s immunization chart can be populated instantly – no transcription required. OP records lot numbers and doses as they are administered, automatically updating your private and VFC vaccine inventory, while creating an inventory report. It also provides a quick and easy way to find patients if a vaccine recall is issued.


With OP’s Carequality integration, you’ll have instant access to the health information of your patients from providers across the country. That’s right… instant access to patient health information from 600,000+ providers, 50,000+ clinics, and 4,200+ hospitals. You’ll be able to search the Carequality database for an organization, preview clinical documents, and import the information right into the patient’s chart in OP, creating a more complete picture of the patient’s health history and improving care coordination. Learn more about Carequality.

  Health Information Exchanges (HIEs)

The OP Community is over 1,000 pediatric practices strong, and we’ve built connections to the majority of the HIEs that pediatric practices rely on to provide patient pare. If, in the rare case, we don’t have the established connection you need, we have the resources to develop one for you.


FHIR (Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resources) APIs enable OP to partner and integrate with vendors to deliver a more robust set of options to our customers: new solutions, new workflows, and new ways of accessing and sending information securely. This means that parents and patients can have access to their health information wherever they see fit. Visit our FHIR Documentation page to learn more.

 Bi-Directional Electronic Labs

OP eLabsTM provides a bi-directional connection between your office and regional and national laboratories, including Quest and LabCorp. With this solution, you’ll be able to streamline electronically sending lab orders and receiving results, increase staff productivity, control costs, and eliminate manual data transfers, which are prone to errors. In addition, you’ll have live access to the most current lab compendia and the ability to create lab panels to incorporate into your templates. Learn more about OP eLabs™.

 Direct Messaging

General email addresses are not HIPAA-compliant and therefore shouldn’t be used to communicate about a patient with a provider outside of your practice, a hospital, or another care facility. OP meets this need for a secure messaging platform with integrated Direct Messaging. With Direct Messaging, you can send and receive secure, HIPAA-compliant communications electronically directly from within OP, reducing the dependency on paper and increasing patient safety.

 Lab Devices

With Relaymed, your in-house lab devices can be connected so results from these devices flow seamlessly into OP as discrete data elements for review. Keying in results or scanning a copy for the patient’s record will be a thing of the past.


OP’s eFax solution is a HIPAA-compliant and secure way to say goodbye to “old-school” technology (and excessive paper)! All fax management is handled directly within OP and leverages our robust and intuitive Document Management system for both inbound and outbound faxing. Imagine how an integrated eFax solution will change how you transmit and receive information about your patients from other partners in their care. Learn more about OP eFax.


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